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The Essential Business Acumen Certificate and Courses 

Today’s successful leaders need a deeper understanding of core business functions to make strategic decisions that deliver results. The USD Beacom School of Business Executive Education noncredit courses and certificates focus on helping you gain in-depth knowledge and skills to tackle the biggest challenges faced by leaders today including:

  • Optimizing strategic planning goals
  • Being an effective and motivating leader
  • Bringing profitable products to market
  • Creating more effective solutions to business problems
  • Making good decisions based on sound financial information

The Essential Business Acumen Certificate includes many of the core concepts typically found in a business degree such as management, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting and finance, critical thinking, decision-making and strategy. Bundling them into a certificate demonstrates a focused study and commitment to professional development. For those not ready for a certificate, each course stands alone, which allows you to choose what you need to customize your experience.

Participants benefit from:

  • One- and two-day sessions provide a deeper dive into specific content and deliver a rich learning experience.
  • Class sizes of fewer than 30 people offer an intimate setting that allows participants to explore their unique situation and develop new solutions.
  • Faculty experts with “real world” experience and knowledge of the latest developments in their field bring a variety of perspectives.

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