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Jared Bowers“I am continually reminded of the high quality of education I received while at USD.”

Jared Bowers – Pierre, SD
Degree/Major: Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Management, Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
B.B.A. 2010, M.B.A. 2011

Currently, I am a portfolio analyst for the Avalon Capital Group in North Sioux City, SD. I manage Avalon's private equity portfolio, conduct public equity research and manage multiple special investment projects. I travel regularly and get to meet and work with some of the top firms and individuals in the investment industry.

In addition to my studies at USD, I was involved in the student-managed investment group, Coyote Capital Management (CCM). CCM inspired me to pursue my current career and gave me the experience I needed to get a fantastic job even before I graduated with my M.B.A.

Professors truly make Beacom an excellent experience. They are approachable, personable, ready to support students and want to see them succeed. I had a finance professor who was particularly instrumental in my education and in shaping my career pursuits.

If you are planning on studying at the Beacom School of Business my advice to you is to get involved on campus and in student groups right away. That is the experience that will truly set you apart and provide the most rewarding experiences. Also, be serious about your studies from the beginning. It's a lot easier to maintain good grades than to play catch-up later.