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Laerek Jensen headshotLaerke Jensen - Denmark
Major: Marketing B.B.A.

Halfway around the world from her homeland, international student Laerke Jensen, a sophomore marketing major from Denmark, has found a new place to call home.

“I always feel welcome at the Beacom School of Business,” Jensen said. “I love that my professors know who I am and call me by my name—I know that my professors care about me and how I am doing in their classes.”

Prior to her arrival to USD, Jensen was a marketing assistant for Sponsornet, an advertising company based in Hobro, Nordjylland, setting up promotional material and communicating with customers. “That role made me aware of what it takes to promote a brand and how much a company’s relationship to its customers means,” she said.

Jensen also holds a 4.0 GPA while on the USD women’s golf team, so managing her time effectively is something that she strives for.

“Being a member of the women’s golf team is so much fun, but it takes a lot to balance my coursework with it. I have to be very structured and do some of the coursework before we leave for a tournament,” Jensen said. “However, as long as I stay on top of the syllabus and communicate with my professors, I manage to have time for both coursework and golf.”

After college, Jensen would like to work for a large international company.

“The Beacom School of Business is a very welcoming place that I always enjoy coming to. The professors and the staff are always ready to help if I have a question or a problem that I need help on, and I think this is really something that helps me feel welcome,” Jensen said. “I am learning a lot of new things all the time, and the classes I have taken have been high-quality and really informative.”

Macy Halverson headshot

Macy Halverson - Pierre, South Dakota
Major: Marketing & Operational Analytics, B.B.A.

As a marketing and operational analytics student, Macy Halverson has been offered many experiences that have aided in her growth as a business student. As Student Government Association at-large senator, she represents constituents from all backgrounds on campus. Serving as a USD student ambassador, she has had the opportunity to sell prospective students on the benefits of USD during their campus tours. “I am keenly aware that my tour alone could make or break a student’s decision to attend USD, so I work hard to always make it a point to give the best tours I possibly can,” said Halverson.

During summer 2018, Halverson interned at the South Dakota Department of Tourism. As their marketing intern, Halverson was able to experience everything it takes to bring millions of visitors, along with their wallets, to South Dakota each year. There she worked closely with the Global Marketing and Brand Strategy team to promote South Dakota to visitors from not only the US, but around the world.

The experiences and opportunities she was granted while studying abroad in Florence, Italy are incomparable to anything she had ever done before. The Beacom School of Business faculty worked with Halverson to find classes that were outside of the curriculum offered at USD, but still within the realm of educational standards that the Beacom School of Business upholds. Studying abroad has impacted Halverson’s education at USD by challenging her to think about basic business problems not just on a small, South Dakota scale, but an international scale as well.

Logan Schiebout headshot

Logan Schiebout - Orange City, Iowa
Major: Accounting B.B.A./M.P.A.

One recent Beacom School of Business graduate is making an impression in the accounting and finance world.

Logan Schiebout, a 2019 alumnus with a degree in accounting and a minor in finance, worked for Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four accounting firms and a multinational professional services firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as their Financial Service Office tax intern. He is now pursuing a Master of Professional Accountancy degree at USD.

As an undergraduate student, Schiebout was involved with Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi and Coyote Capital Management; he was a Business Peer Advisor and Dean’s Ambassador; and was involved in accounting/economic research and as a volunteer at the local food pantry. 

Schiebout said his experience at Beacom shaped him for a future with many possibilities. “I have been able to connect with professors and meet many high achieving students who have helped make me a better student. I’ve also been part of great organizations and capitalized on opportunities provided by them. They have allowed me opportunities to build my network across the United States. Beacom is truly a world-class business school with abounding opportunities,” he said.

Besides being involved on campus, Schiebout completed tax internship positions with Raven Industries, Ketel Thorstenson, LLP and Clifton Larson Allen.

Schiebout said he is grateful for the opportunities that were presented to him, all of which helped him get to where he is today.

“The people and opportunities at the USD Beacom School of Business have helped me develop into a confident and knowledgeable young man,” Schiebout said.

Picture of Noah Thompson, student spotlight of the Beacom School of Business

Noah Thompson - Mitchell, S.D.
Major: Accounting, B.B.A./M.P.A.

Senior accounting student Noah Thompson has taken advantage of many opportunities within the walls of the Beacom School of Business, providing him with many experiences that have allowed him to sharpen his abilities to lead, communicate and be ambitious. He served as the vice president of Coyote Capital Management, where he learned a lot about investing and analyzing as a financial manager of $2 million and growing, made enormous gains in the areas of leading the group and improved his presentation skills.

Thompson worked closely with many of the USD Foundation’s members as a co-founding member of the USD Student Alumni Association. Besides being in constant contact with their engagement coordinators, he assisted the USDF with the Alumni Networking dinner, where they entertained 30 of USD’s top seniors along with top executives from the Sioux Falls area. This allowed him a chance to network with many prestigious business professionals, while just a sophomore.

While at Beacom, Thompson also served as a Dean’s Ambassador and a technology fellow. Additionally, he earned a tax internship with Eide Bailly for the 2019 spring semester and will be spending his summer as a tax intern for Ernst & Young in Minneapolis.

“Throughout my first couple years at Beacom, I received great guidance from various student mentors who pushed me in many different areas where I could excel on campus,” said Thompson. “It was easy reaching out to these students for help and I have tried to model parts of my early career as a student after theirs, while at the same time being myself and leaving my own legacy.”

Theron HotchkissTheron Hotchkiss - Centerville, SD
Major: Accounting, B.B.A./M.P.A.

This summer I am working as a regulatory compliance intern at ReliaMax. The majority of my work revolves around testing internal procedure against statutory requirements and company policy. This internship has widened my perspective to the many career opportunities that lay ahead for me, specifically in the areas of statutory accounting and regulatory compliance. Both of which, will lead to a successful and productive career path.

The people are, by far, the best part of coming to work every day. I work with a wildly diverse group of individuals, each bringing a different expertise to the table. The insurance industry is highly regulated and continuously changing. The nature of the business causes compliance to be an ongoing concern, so working alongside professionals from all areas of business, each with their own individual strengths, provides the best opportunity to learn and contribute to the goals of the company in a meaningful way.

The connection between what I have learned and my contribution to the company is multilayered and multifaceted. The emphasis placed on professional communication in classes flows directly into the expectations of the company. On a daily basis, I am interacting with co-workers ranging from interns to executives, accountants to attorneys. I often find myself referring back to the high professional standards that the instructors at USD have helped me develop.

Kassitti BalomenosKassitti Balomenos - Sioux City, IA
Major: Economics, B.B.A.

I was able to study abroad in Wolfsburg, Germany for the spring 2016 semester. I took classes focused on international business and international relations, which was a great experience. Since I was able to study these courses in an international setting, it really enhanced the experience. I met other students from countries such as China, Taiwan and Mexico. Germany is centrally located and I was able to travel to 10 European countries, and meet many people from around the world. I obtained a global perspective on critical modern issues such as health care, gun control and education.

This summer I am working as an economics research assistant with Professor Kathryn Birkeland. We are studying the effects of implementing a state need-based grant program for college funding. It is a great opportunity as I get to learn more about the economic and financial need situation of people in South Dakota while studying more about the issue of “free college” that is in discussion today. It will lead me to great references and networking skills as I will be working with a range of people throughout the process.