Theron HotchkissTheron Hotchkiss - Centerville, SD
Major: Accounting, B.B.A./M.P.A.

This summer I am working as a regulatory compliance intern at ReliaMax. The majority of my work revolves around testing internal procedure against statutory requirements and company policy. This internship has widened my perspective to the many career opportunities that lay ahead for me, specifically in the areas of statutory accounting and regulatory compliance. Both of which, will lead to a successful and productive career path.

The people are, by far, the best part of coming to work every day. I work with a wildly diverse group of individuals, each bringing a different expertise to the table. The insurance industry is highly regulated and continuously changing. The nature of the business causes compliance to be an ongoing concern, so working alongside professionals from all areas of business, each with their own individual strengths, provides the best opportunity to learn and contribute to the goals of the company in a meaningful way.

The connection between what I have learned and my contribution to the company is multilayered and multifaceted. The emphasis placed on professional communication in classes flows directly into the expectations of the company. On a daily basis, I am interacting with co-workers ranging from interns to executives, accountants to attorneys. I often find myself referring back to the high professional standards that the instructors at USD have helped me develop.

Kassitti BalomenosKassitti Balomenos - Sioux City, IA
Major: Economics, B.B.A.

I was able to study abroad in Wolfsburg, Germany for the spring 2016 semester. I took classes focused on international business and international relations, which was a great experience. Since I was able to study these courses in an international setting, it really enhanced the experience. I met other students from countries such as China, Taiwan and Mexico. Germany is centrally located and I was able to travel to 10 European countries, and meet many people from around the world. I obtained a global perspective on critical modern issues such as health care, gun control and education.

This summer I am working as an economics research assistant with Professor Kathryn Birkeland. We are studying the effects of implementing a state need-based grant program for college funding. It is a great opportunity as I get to learn more about the economic and financial need situation of people in South Dakota while studying more about the issue of “free college” that is in discussion today. It will lead me to great references and networking skills as I will be working with a range of people throughout the process.