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USD Sponsored and Affiliate programs are offered through third-party (non-USD) program providers. These program providers provide extensive on-site support; including airport pick-up, course registration, housing placement and cultural excursions, among other things.

On Sponsored and Affiliate programs, you do not pay USD tuition or fees, but instead pay a program fee directly to the program provider. USD chooses to partner with these program providers based upon reputation, academic quality, excellent student support services and fitness with our students' needs.

Financial Aid

The only difference between Sponsored and Affiliate programs is how you can use your USD financial aid and scholarships toward the cost of the program:

  • Sponsored Programs: You may use all regular federal financial aid AND many USD scholarships, including Mickelson, Presidential Alumni, Ullyot, Coyote Commitment and SD Opportunity.
  • Affiliate Programs: You may use all regular federal financial aid, but you may not use USD scholarships.

Sponsored and Affiliate Program Benefits

  • A world of options. Sponsored and affiliate programs offer a wider range of program options and locations than USD Direct Programs.
  • Flexible and affordable. Sponsored and affiliate programs give you more flexibility in finding a program that best suits your academic, financial and personal needs.

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Tips for finding the right sponsored or affiliate program

  • Searching for programs: All USD Sponsored Programs are listed under Featured Programs in the search engine, while all other (Affiliate) programs are found by using either the Simple Search or Advanced Search functions. A yellow star next to a program name means it's either a USD Direct or USD Sponsored program.
  • Stick to the Sponsored list: since these programs are used most often by USD students, many of the courses already have 'pre-determined' equivalencies at USD which makes selecting courses and knowing how they count at USD a much easier process for you.
  • Compare costs: If you're deciding based on cost - compare what is and is not included, paying attention to the number of meals per week provided, how many excursions are included and where they go, how many credits you will bring back to USD, etc.
  • Start early: You should plan on giving yourself two months to research, decide and apply to a program. You will need to complete the application from the program provider, in addition to the CAGE application; so make sure you can complete all the material by the deadlines.

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