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April 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 SPURA Fellows!

  • Zekerias Begossa will be working with Dr. Jewel Shepherd (Business) on their project 'Stress and Addiction'
  • John Dohn will be working with Dr. Brian Burrell (BBS) on their project 'The Effect of Endocannabinoids on Nociceptive Learning'
  • Cory Fox will be working with Dr. Lee Baugh (BBS) on their project 'Neural Correlates of Decision Making'
  • Olivia Griffith will be working with Dr. Patrick Ronan (Psychiatry) on their project 'Establishing an Effective Agent in Treating Alcohol Use Disorders'
  • Tiffany Knecht will be working with Dr. William Mayhan (BBS) on their project 'Determining the Influence of In Utero Exposure to Alcohol on Behavior in Adolescent and Adult Rats'
  • Graham Leonard will be working with Dr. Hongmin Wang (BBS) on their project 'Identification of FOXO3a Inhibitors by Docking-Based Virtual Screening'
  • Emily Nielson will be working with Jamie Scholl (BBS) on their project 'Targeted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Treatment of Eating Disorder Symptoms'
  • Nathan Popp will be working with Dr. Cliff Summers (Biology) on their project 'Selective Orexin Receptor Cross-Over (SORCO) Drugs Alleviate Anxious and Depressive Behavior'
  • Alexandra Rust will be working with Dr. Lee Baugh (BBS) on their project 'Effects of Non-Invasive Deep Brain Stimulation on Eating Disorders'

Congratulations to the Berghoff lab on their recent publication: Indirect Associations Between Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Other Psychiatric Symptoms, Alcohol Use, and Well-being via Psychological Flexibility Among Police Officers. J Trauma Stress (2021) doi: 10.1002/jts.22677. 

Dr. Harry Freeman (CPE) was the Faculty Keynote Speaker at the 2021 IdeaFest, and gave a talk titled ‘How Love Grows Up: Connecting Early Attachments to Later Sexual Relationships’ in which he summarized findings from over two decades of research on connections between our relationships to parents and to romantic partners, and presented new findings on the process of romantic attachment formation.

March 2021

Dr. Lisa McFadden (BBS) gave a seminar for the CBBRe Pilot Grant Series titled ‘Harnessing nanoscale supercontainers to mitigate psychostimulant toxicity.’

Dr. KC Santosh (Computer Science) presented at the USD Brown Bag Lunch Research Presentation on his work, titled ‘AI is your Future, Trust me!’

Congratulations to Dr. Berg-Poppe (PT) on her recently published review: ‘Systematic review of noncognitive factors influence on health professions students’ academic performance.

Congratulations to Dr. Danzi (Psychology) on her recent publication: ‘What’s in a name? Comparing alternative conceptualizations of posttraumatic stress disorder among preadolescent children following the Boston Marathon bombing and manhunt.

Congratulations to Drs Keifer (BBS) and Summers (Biology) on their recent review: ‘The Neuroscience Community Has A Role In Environmental Conservation.

Dr. Lisa McFadden (BBS) presented at the USD Brown Bag Lunch Research Presentation on her work, titled ‘One Wo/Man’s Sewage is another Wo/Man’s Treasure: Using Wastewater to Better Understand Community Health.’

Dr. Lee Baugh (BBS) presented at the USD Brown Bag Lunch Research Presentation on his work, titled ‘Brain Stimulation – Panacea or Snake Oil?’

Thank you to Dr. Dan DeCino (CPE) who gave a talk titled ‘Bullying in Todays Schools. Current trends and Insights’ to a group of school teachers (grades preK-8th grade) and parents of the students.  There was amazing attendance with over 75 families tuning in.  Thank you Dr. DeCino!

February 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the USD 3MT competition!

  • 1st Place: Kirby Fuglsby, PhD Biomedical Engineering, N3 Fellow, receives $350 and moves onto the 2021 MAGS Virtual 3MT Competition
    “Development of a Drug Coated Balloon for the Brain”
    Supervised by: Dr. Dan Engebretson
  • 2nd Place: Christa Huber, PhD Basic Biomedical Sciences, G-RISE Fellow, receives $250
    “Hungry for a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease”
    Supervised by: Hongmin Wang, PhD
  • 3rd Place: Carrie Minette, MS Computer Science, receives $150
    “Man or Machine? The Production and Implications of Synthetic Fingerprints”
    Supervised by: Dr. KC Santosh

Dr. Gabrielle Strouse (CPE) gave a seminar for the CBBRe Pilot Grant Series titled ‘Should I flip or should I click? What preschoolers and their parents think about print and digital media, and preschoolers’ psychophysiological responses.’

January 2021

Congratulations Dr. Jorgensen!
Lindsey Jorgensen, Au.D., Ph.D (Communication Sciences and Disorders) was quoted in January's article “How to Choose the Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids?” has seen great coverage and more than 250 million people have read the story to date!

Congratulations to the Weimer lab on their recent publication: Intracranial delivery of AAV9 gene therapy partially prevents retinal degeneration and visual deficits in CLN6-Batten disease mice. (2021) Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev 20: 497-507.

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson (Communication Sciences and Disorders) gave a seminar for the CBBRe Pilot Grant Series titled ‘Improving Communication for People with ALS: Brain-Computer Interface + Pupillometry.’

December 2020

Congratulations to the recipients of the Fall 2020 Research Enhancement Pilot Grants!

  • Hongmin Wang, PhD (Basic Biomedical Sciences) on his successful submission titled:
    “Endosomal signaling in Alzheimer’s disease.”
  • Khosrow Rezvani, PhD (Basic Biomedical Sciences) on his successful submission titled: “Understanding the molecular mechanisms of the perineural invasion in colorectal cancer.”
  • Arun Singh, PhD (Basic Biomedical Sciences) and Patti Berg-Poppe, PhD (Department of Physical Therapy) on their successful submission titled:
    “Mid-frontal and mid-cerebellar theta-band oscillatory activities are associated with balance disturbances in Parkinson’s disease.”

Congratulations to the Fall 2020 CBBRe Trainee Research Grant Program Awardees!

  • Avery Franzen (Basic Biomedical Sciences) on his successful submission titled: “An Investigation of Endocannabinoid Mediated Learning and Long-Term Depression/Potentiation” under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Burrell.
  • Kyle Walters (Department of Psychology) on his successful submission titled: “Affective Bipolarity, Self-Regulation, and Alcohol-Related Problems: Between-And Within -Person Associations” under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Simons.

Congratulations to the Sathyanesan lab on their recent publication!
Pekas, N.J., Petersen, J.L, Sathyanesan, M., Newton, S.S. (2020) Design and development of a behaviorally active recombinant neurotrophic factor. Drug Design, Development and Therapy 14: 1-11.

November 2020

Congratulations to Drs. Raluca Simons and Jeffrey Simons on their recent grant! Raluca Simons (Department of Psychology) and Jeffrey Simons (Department of Psychology) were recently awarded a grant to study veteran mental health and well-being by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Congratulations to the 2020 President’s Research Award Recipients!
The President’s Research Awards recognize faculty for their outstanding research and accomplishments in their field. 

  • President’s Award for Research Excellence: Established Faculty (tie) was awarded to Dr. Raluca Simons (Psychology) and Dr. Jeffrey Simons (Psychology). Raluca Simons and Jeffrey Simons were jointly awarded the President’s Award for Research Excellence, Established Faculty, for their collaborative and integrative efforts in studying at-risk populations, including those affected by trauma in early childhood or combat. 
  • President’s Award for Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship was awarded to Dr. Zhenqiang (Rick) Wang (Chemistry). Zhenqiang (Rick) Wang was awarded the President’s Award for Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Over the last 10 years at USD, Wang has established an innovative research program developing novel nanostructured materials and exploring their applications and commercialization in areas including clean energy, the environment and biomedicine.

Congratulations to Dr. Arun Singh on his recent publication!
Arun Singh, Stella M. Papa (2020) Striatal Oscillations in Parkinsonian Non-Human Primates. Neuroscience 449: 116-122.

Congratulations to Dr. Lee Baugh (BBS) on his recent publication!
Wang, X., Xie, H., Chen, T., [and 80 others including, Baugh, L.A.] (Accepted). Cortical volume abnormalities in posttraumatic stress disorder: An ENIGMA-Psychiatric Genomics Consortium PTSD Workgroup mega-analysis. Molecular Psychiatry

October 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Liz Hanson on her recent publication! Liz Hanson (Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders) published a book chapter: Hanson, E.K. & Beukelman, D.R. (2020). Adults with Degenerative Cognitive and Linguistic Conditions. In D.R. Beukelman & J.C. Light (Eds), Augmentative & Alternative Communication: Supporting Children and Adults with Complex Communication Needs (5th ed., pp 605-626). Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.

Congratulations to Dr. Arun Singh on his recent publication! Arun Singh (BBS) Md Fahim Anjum, Soura Dasgupta, Raghuraman Mudumbai, Arun Singh, James F.Cavanagh, Nandakumar S.Narayanan (2020) Linear predictive coding distinguishes spectral EEG features of Parkinson's disease. Parkinsonism & Related Disorders 79; 79-85.

September 2020

The USD G-RISE program is happy to announce its first cohort of students:

  • Christa Huber – Christa is a PhD student originally from Subiaco, AR who is working in the lab of Dr. Hongmin Wang. Her research focuses on identifying novel small molecules that be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Avery Franzen – Avery is a MD/PhD student originally from Osakis, MN who is working in the lab of Dr. Brian Burrell. His research focuses on the role of the endocannabinoid in modulating pain and stress.

Please congratulate Christa and Avery!

Congratulations to Callie Wersal (SPURA 2019) and Savannah Lukkes (SPURA 2020) for their accepted poster presentation in the 2020 Symposium on Substance Use Research. They will be presenting their findings of their research projects, under the mentorship of Dr. Jewel Shepherd, investigating hospital utilization related to opioid use.

August 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Arun Singh (BBS) on his recent paper:
Arturo I. Espinoza, Jamie L. Scholl, Arun Singh (2020) TMS bursts can modulate local and networks oscillations during lower-limb movement in elderly subjects. Preprint: doi:

Congratulations to the Baugh lab (BBS) on their recently published paper:
Fercho, K. A., Critzer, S. S., Bosch, T. J., & Baugh, L. A. (2020). Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Foundational Techniques for Aeromedical Research. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, 91(8), 682-684.

June 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Zhaoquing (Jenny) Zheng on her successful application to the SSOM Faculty Grant Program titled 'Mechanisms of TRPV-Induced Analgesia.'

Congratulations to Dr. Cliff Summers for earning a Nolop Professorship in Biology!
The College of Arts & Sciences at the University of South Dakota has named Cliff Summers, Ph.D., the Nolop Distinguished Professor. A selection committee named Summers in recognition of internationally recognized scholarly contributions in fundamental and applied medically relevant research and for teaching in USD’s medical biology program.

May 2020

Congratulations to SPURA alumni Chesney Arend on being selected as a staff writer for the South Dakota Law Review and on her internship in the legal department at the South Dakota Trust Company!

Congratulations to the 2020 Research Enhancement Pilot Grant Awardees!

Dr. Gabrielle Strouse (Counseling and Psychology in Education) on her successful submission titled "Structuring shared reading to promote joint attention and engagement during video chat."

Drs. Christopher Berghoff (Psychology) and Raulca Simons (Psychology) on their successful submission "An investigation of the effect of experienced self-conscious emotion on pro and asocial behavior in the context of anxiety and borderline personality disorder symptoms."

Congratulations to the awardees of the 2020 CGSO Honorary Awards for Excellence in Research, Service, and Leadership:

  • Rachel Bock
  • Ali Vogelsang
  • Joel Stroman

Congratulations to the 2020 SPURA Fellows!

  • Rusul Ali (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Lisa McFadden (BBS) on their project 'Suicidal comorbidities associated with drug use in South Dakota ER/ED visits.'
  • Chase Howe (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Cliff Summers (Biology) on their project 'Investigating the impact of 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine (DOI) on fearful and anxious behaviors.'
  • John Dohn (Neuroscience) will be working with Dr. Brian Burrell (BBS) on their project 'Meta-analysis of opioid vs. non-opioid treatments for chronic pain.'
  • Jessie Sullivan (Chemistry) will be working with Dr. Hong Zheng (BBS) on their project 'Growth differentiation factor 15 as a target and biomarker of obesity associated cardiovascular disease.'
  • Savannah Lukkes (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Jewel Shepherd (Business) on their project 'ED Utilization for Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction.'
  • Joseph Rysdon (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Victor Huber (BBS) on their project 'Evaluation on the impact of pandemic-associated social isolation on mental health: 1918 Spanish flu vs COVID-19.'
  • Joel Stroman (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Christopher Berghoff (Psychology) on their project 'Evaluating psychological flexibility as a mediator between the relations of posttraumatic stress symptoms and well-being among police officers.'

Congratulations to Preston Long (Psychology) for his successful dissertation defense!
Dr. Long completed his dissertation titled "Embodied Decision Making: The unique and interactive effects of Oxytocin as an analgesic."

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Hajovsky (Counseling and Psychology in Education) on his recently published article in the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology.
Hajovsky, D.B., Villeneuve, E.F., Schneider, W.J., Caemmerer, J.M. (2020) An alternative approach to cognitive and achievement relations research: An introduction to quantile regression. Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology;

Congratulations to Dr. Ken Renner on receiving a Richard and Sharon Cutler Faculty Award!

One faculty member in each of the college’s three divisions has earned the Cutler Award, which are presented to faculty who advance liberal arts education through teaching and research over a three-year span.

Kenneth Renner, Ph.D., professor of biology, is the recipient in the math/science division. A USD faculty member since 1994, Renner’s approach to teaching is to assist students in gaining a foundation in basic scientific principles, an understanding of mechanisms underlying physiological responses, current problems in the field and the interest to learn more. His recent research has been directed towards understanding the role of corticosterone-sensitive organic cation transporters in the brain with respect to the regulation of the stress response.

April 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 Travel Grant and Research Grant Awardees!

CBBRe Travel Grant –

  • Emily Kalantar, Psychology (Mentor: Christopher Berghoff, Ph.D.) to attend the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Meeting in New Orleans, LA
  • Jennifer Kuo, Psychology (Mentor: Christopher Berghoff, Ph.D.) to attend the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Meeting in New Orleans, LA
  • Mahsa Mojallal, Psychology (Mentor: Randal Quevillon, Ph.D.) to attend the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Meeting in New Orleans, LA

N3 Travel Grant –

  • Sydney Stamatovich, Psychology (Mentor: Raluca Simons, Ph.D.) to attend the American Psychological Association Conference in Washington D.C.
  • Kaitlyn Campbell, Biology (Mentor: Jacob Kerby, Ph.D.) to attend the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Norfolk, VA

N3 Research Awardees - 

  • Nisitha Wijewantha, Department of Chemistry
    "Gated Delivery of Veratridine by Nanoassemblies for Treatment Colorectal Cancer” under the mentorship of Dr. Grigoriy Sereda.
  • Kaitlyn Campbell, Department of Biology
    “Effects of Selenium Bioaccumulation on Brain Size and Acetylcholinesterase Activity in Rana pipiens” under the mentorship of Dr. Jacob Kerby.
  • Balaranjan Selvaratnam, Department of Chemistry
    “Applications of Machine Learning in Materials Chemistry” under the mentorship of Dr. Ranjit Koodali.

Congratulations Dr. Yoon (Psychology) on a recently published paper! ‘A think-aloud study to inform the design of radiograph interpretation practice.’ Yoon, J. S., Boutis, K., Pecaric, M. R., Fefferman, N. R., Ericsson, K. A., & Pusic, M. V. (2020). A think-aloud study to inform the design of radiograph interpretation practice. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 1-27.

Congratulations to Dr. Lee Baugh (BBS) on two recently published articles:

  • Liew, S, Zavaliangos-Petroulu, A., Jahanshad, N., [and 61 others including, Baugh, L. A.] (In Press). The ENIGMA Stroke Recovery Working Group: Big data neuroimaging to study brain-behavior relationships after stroke. Human Brain Mapping.
  • Dennis, E. L., Disner, S. E., Fani, N., [and 104 others including, Baugh, L. A.] (In Press). Altered White Matter Microstructural Organization in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder across 3,049 Adults: Results from the PGC-ENIGMA PTSD Consortium, Molecular Psychiatry.

March 2020

Rachel Rucker (BBS) presented her research at the 2020 South Dakota Student Research Poster Session in the Rotunda of the South Dakota State Capitol to state legislators and other state officials in South Dakota. In her research, Rucker, uses medicinal leeches to focus on insights into how to develop safe cannabinoid-based therapies to treat chronic pain.

Congratulations to KC Santosh, Ph.D. on his recently published paper in the Journal of Medical Systems titled ‘AI-Driven Tools for Coronavirus Outbreak: Need of Active Learning and Cross-Population Train/Test Models on Multitudinal/Multimodal Data.’

Congratulations to Emily Kabeiseman, Riley Paulson and the Burrell Lab on their recent publication ‘Characterization of a monoacylglycerol lipase in the medicinal leech, Hirudo verbena’ in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

February 2020

Dr. Lisa McFadden, BBS, presented at the Dept. of Chemistry Seminar. Her talk was titled ‘MOSCs: Novel Approach to Reduce Methamphetamine Intoxication’

Dr. Lee Baugh and Jamie Scholl represented CBBRe at the USD Day at the Capital in Pierre. In addition to explaining the opportunities that CBBRe has to offer, they also demonstrated the TMS equipment and the neuroimaging core at USD.

Dr. Lee Baugh, BBS, gave an invited talk at the 2020 Learning Disorder Research Symposium in Sioux Falls, titled ‘The Neuroscience of Learning Disorders.’

Congratulations to Bethany Freel, Hannah Wollenzein and Raegan Skelton (Nelson) on making the final round for the 3 Minute Thesis competition!

January 2020

Lee Baugh, BBS, presented at the Second Triennial Interdisciplinary Symposium. His talk was titled ‘The Neuroscience Behind Synesthesia: It’s Not Easy Being the Color 7.’

Sound, Color, Shape… is an interdisciplinary symposium meant to bring together students and faculty from all across campus. This year, there will be presenters from five of the seven USD schools and colleges. The symposium explores the human experience and how we seek to understand our environment and the world around us. The environment we explore is not just limited to our physical surroundings, but also includes our social, political, philosophical, psychological, or emotional realms.

Dr. Khosrow Rezvani, an associate professor, Division of Basic Biomedical Sciences, and a team of researchers have invented a new therapeutic drug that will treat patients diagnosed with an advanced stage of colorectal cancer (CRC).

Congratulations to Brittany Bamberg (Mayhan Lab), Conrad Mohr-Eymber (Baugh Lab), Callie Wersal (Shepherd Lab) and Carly Cooper (Baugh Lab) for making the 2019 Academic Honors List.

December 2019

Marie Severson (BBS) was featured in the SD EPSCoR Student Research Spotlight for her research exploring the efficacy of a newly developed nanoparticle, Metal-organic Supercontainers (MOSC), in reducing methamphetamine (METH) neurotoxicity.

The American Academy of Audiology has honored a faculty member from the University of South Dakota’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Jessica Messersmith, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the department, will receive the Marion Downs Pediatric Audiology Award at the association’s annual meeting in April.

November 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Cliff Summers (Biology) on being awarded a pilot grant titled ‘Designer Receptor Activation of Female Anxiolytic and Antidepressant Responses.’

Congratulations to Kevin Krupp (Biology) for being awarded a trainee research grant titled ‘Examining the Potential of (Rr)-DOI as A Treatment For Stress-Promoted Dysfunctional Behavior.’

Congratulations to the Fall 2019 CBBRe/N3 Travel Award Recipients!

  • Lucas Baker (Psychology)
  • Rachel Bock (Clinical Psychology)
  • Emma Shaughnessy (Clinical Psychology)
  • Jamie Scholl (BBS)

Congratulations to Dr. Amy Elliott (Avera Health and Avera Research Institute) on her successful grant to develop a national research protocol to examine the effects of prenatal opioid exposures (and other substances) on brain development in collaboration with Harvard, Brown, Columbia, University of Maryland and Boys Town National Research Hospital.

October 2019

Congratulations to Brittany Bamberg and Rachel Rucker!
Brittany and Rachel were selected as recipients of the 2019 Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards for their respective work "The Effects of In Utero Exposure to Alcohol" under the mentorship of Dr. William Mayhan, and "Diacylglycerol Lipase: Does Mutation of the Catalytic Region Influence Membrane Localization?" with Dr. Brian Burrell.

Thank you Spooky Science Volunteers!
Thank you to CGSO and all the CBBRe volunteers for the 2019 Spooky Science Booth at the Washington Pavilion.
This event couldn't be successful without all of the volunteers that made it possible!

Former SPURA student and class of 2021 Medical Student Geralyn Palmer participated in a health screening fair at Ft. Thompson, taking part of the Frontier and Rural Medicine Program immersion experience, gaining experience in the practice of medicine in rural communities in South Dakota

Five University of South Dakota Center for Brain and Behavior Research (CBBRe) students were accepted to present their research at the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Conference session that took place at the annual Society for Neuroscience Conference (SfN) in Chicago Oct. 19-23.

Congratulations to Riley Paulson!
Congratulations to Riley Paulson and Dr. Brian Burrell for their paper 'Comparative studies of endocannabinoid modulation of pain' recently published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 374(1785):20190279
DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2019.0279

September 2019

Dr. Brian Burrell, BBS took part in the Sioux Falls Science Pub event at Remedy Brewing Company, presenting a talk titled "When is Pain Good?" Pain, especially chronic pain, is a major health care problem. What would it be like to feel no pain? Can studying people who actually feel no pain help develop ways to treat chronic pain in the future?

Shana Cerny, B.S., M.S., O.T.D., associate professor in the Occupational Therapy (OT) Department at the University of South Dakota, has been appointed to the Population Health and Occupational Therapy Committee of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Dr. Lee Baugh presented new data examining structural changes in the human brain following exposure to a traumatic event at the 2019 Midwest Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium in Neuroscience, at Augustana College, Rock Island Illinois.

Congratulations to the CBBRe MidBrains Student Representatives!
Congratulations to Rachel Rucker (BBS) for being awarded the Nu Rho Psi Poster with Distinction for her poster 'Identification of enzymes involved in 2-Arachidonylglycerol synthesis and metabolism in Hirudo verbana' and to Kevin Krupp (Biology) for his Graduate Panel Research Talk 'Tripping out of Depression: Uncovering the Therapeutic Mechanisms of Serotonergic Psychedelics' at the 2019 Midwest Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium in Neuroscience.

Congratulations to KC Santosh, Ph.D, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science for being awarded the 2019 President’s Award for Research Excellence: Early-Mid Career Faculty

CBBRe would like to congratulate the following members for their recent publications:

  • Dr. Hajovsky: ‘Gender matters in neuropsychological assessment of child and adolescent writing skill’ in the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology
  • Dr. McFadden: ‘Interaction of stress and stimulants in female rats: Role of chronic stress on later reactivity to methamphetamine’ in Behavioral Brain Research
  • Rebecca Cordie and Dr. McFadden: Optogenetic inhibition of the medial prefrontal cortex reduces methamphetamine-primed reinstatement in male and female rats’ in Behavioural Pharmacology
  • Jamie Scholl: ‘Sex differences in anxiety-like behaviors in rats’ in Physiology & Behavior

August 2019

Thank you for a Successful Research Symposium!
We would like to thank the Planning committee, speakers, attendees, and sponsors of the 2019 CBBRe Research Symposium. We could not do this without everyone's hard work and support. We had a very successful meeting, wonderful speakers and were able to highlight some very interesting research being done in neuroscience and behavior. Thank you again to all involved, and we hope to see you all back for the 2020 event.

July 2019:

Jamie Scholl (BBS) and Dr. Harry Freeman (Counseling and Psychology in Education) presented their research “Standardizing measurement and dose-response of peripheral oxytocin following intranasal delivery” and “Oxytocin supports monogamy, but differently by life history and relationship duration” at the 9th International Attachment Conference in Vancouver British Columbia.

CBBRe members Aaron Koupal, Dr. Lee Baugh, Carly Cooper and Rachel Okine presented their research “The Rhythm of the Night: An Examination of the Role of the Human Circadian System on Decision Making and Motor Performance at the SD EPSCoR 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium in Sioux Falls.

June 2019

Dr. Lee Baugh, BBS, presented his research titled “Tiring From Trying: A Relationship Between Errors in Motor Control and Post-Stroke Fatigue” at the 4th Annual SNUH-Mayo Clinic Joint Symposium in Movement Disorders in Rochester, Minnesota.

May 2019 

Congratulations to University of South Dakota School of Education assistant professor Gabrielle Strouse, Ph.D., and colleagues from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology for receiving a Project Innovation Grant from the NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium (SDSGC).

Congratulations to Neeraj Tiwari! Neeraj was the 2019 recipient of the CGSO Honorary Award for Excellence in Research, Service, and Leadership!

Congratulations to Rachel Rucker! Rachel is a SPURA 2018 Alum, and was just awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation.
Rachel’s application emphasized her past and continuing neuroscience research. Rachel remains active in CBBRe and she has plans to continue with neuroscience in grad school.

Congratulations to the 2019 SPURA Students on their selection for this competitive program:
Brittany Bamberg (Medical Biology) with Dr. William Mayhan
Carly Cooper (Medical Biology) with Dr. Lee Baugh
Phil Dohn (Medical Biology) with Dr. Lisa McFadden
Demi Erikson (Medical Biology) with Dr. Brian Burrell
Callie Wersal (Biology) with Dr. Jewel Shepherd
Noel Tolvanen (Medical Biology) with Dr. Hongmin Wang
Dylan Stahly (Biology) with Dr. Douglas Peterson
Trevor Allen (Health Sciences) with Dr. Cliff Summers
Madeleine Nelson (Medical Biology) with Dr. Douglas Martin

April 2019

Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make the CBBRe Bullying forum a success! View a recording of the forum. Special thanks to the panel participants: Dr. Matthew Krell, Dr. Dan DeCino, Chief Deputy Sheriff Paul Pederson and Dr. William Gammeter for their excellent talks and discussion with the audience.

March 2019

Congratulations to Brian Burrell, Ph.D., and Lisa McFadden, Ph.D., on the funding of the SPURA Grant for another five years. The SPURA program provides support for undergraduate students to participate in research focused on the neurobiological basis of drug abuse, addiction and underlying mental health issues.

Congratulations to Dr. Victor Huber and his colleagues for having their work published in Viral Immunology cited in a press release earlier this month. The title of their paper is: “New mechanism identified for influenza-induced bacterial superinfections.”

Congratulations! Neeraj Kumar Tiwari received the 2019 Graduate Research and Creative Scholarship Grant (spring) at USD for his project, Molecular mechanism of CEPO improves cognition. He has been working with his principal mentor Dr. Samuel Sathyanesan on this project.

February 2019

Congratulations to Riley Paulsen who was selected to participate in the NIH’s Graduate Summer Opportunities to Advance Research (G-SOAR), a 10 week internship in translational research conducted at NIH laboratories ( Riley is only one of 18 graduate students from across the country to be selected to this program. Congratulations Riley!
Congratulations to Dr. Kelene Fercho for winning the USD business plan competition for her submission involving the development of novel neuromodulation techniques to improve cognitive performance. This award includes a cash prize to further improve her business plan for submission to the Governor’s Giant Vision Competition (

January 2019

Congratulations to Lee Baugh, Ph.D., who was appointed the Donald S. MacKay Distinguished Professor of Research, effective December 12, 2018.

Congratulations to the 2019 Travel Award Recipients!

2019 CBBRE Spring Awardees
Emily Kalantar
Elle Anderson

2019 N3 Spring Awardees
Parvathi Jampani
Mariah Hoffman
Bethany Freel

2019 CBBRe Staff Awardees
Kelene Fercho
Jordan Sheets
Jamie Scholl

Congratulations to Neeraj Tiwari! Neeraj was the 2019 recipient of the CGSO Honorary Award for Excellence in Research, Service, and Leadership.

Congratulations to Rachel Rucker! Rachel is a SPURA 2018 Alum, and was just awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation. Rachel’s application emphasized her past and continuing neuroscience research. Rachel remains active in CBBRe and she has plans to continue with neuroscience in grad school.

December 2018

  • Congratulations to Dr. Lisa McFadden, BBS and Dr. Z. Rick Wang, Chemistry on being awarded a CBBRe Research Enhancement Pilot Grant titled "Harnessing nanoscale supercontainers to mitigate psychostimulant toxicity!"
  • Congratulations to the 2018 CBBRe Trainee Research Grant Awardees!
  • Preston Long (Psychology) for his project: "Oxytocin Effects on Social Capital and Pain Behaviors."
  • Sam Critzer (BBS) for his project: "Body Fluid Balance and Implications for Brain Function."

November 2018

  • Congratulations to the CBBRe and N3 Travel Awardees. Thank you to all of the applicants and reviewers for your hard work.
  • USDN3 Travel Awards
  • Yifeng Huo, Department of Chemistry; Development of Novel Anti-Counterfeiting Tags using Plasmonic Gold Nanostars
  • Balaranian Selvaratnam, Department of Chemistry; Optimizing the particle size and geometry of Cu2O Nanoparticles for Water Splitting Using DFT Trained Neural Network
  • Theepan Thanabalasingham, Department of Chemistry; Visible light driven photocatalytic water splitting using CdS-TiO2 coupled semiconductor dispersed on mesoporous SBA-15
  • CBBRe Travel Awards:
  • Kevin Krupp, Department of Biology; Carbamoylated erythropoietin (cEPo) reduces anxiety during social interaction in the stress-alternatives model
  • Danielle Hertel, Counseling and Psychology in Education; Children’s Preference for Print Versus Digital Books: Prediction of Engagement and Comprehension
  • Tyler Johnson, Pediatrics and Rare Disease; Characterization of a novel porcine model of CLN3-Batten disease CLN3-Batten disease is an autosomal-recessive disorder that results from mutations in CLN3.
  • Staff Travel Award:
  • Kelene Fercho (Basic Biomedical Sciences) ‘ERNing Performance Improvements: Error related negativity (ERN) is associated with errors in lifting performance during an object manipulation task.’
  • Congratulations to the following CBBRe students for receiving the 2018 Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards from the USD Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
  • Danielle Mack (née Brown): 'The Effects of Acute Stress on Repsonses to Nociceptive and Non-nociceptive Stimuli'
  • Rebecca Cordie: 'Metal-Organic Supercontainers to Reduce Methamphetamine Toxicity.'

October 2018

  • USD Researcher Patents Potential Universal Influenza Vaccine. Victor C. Huber, Ph.D., a researcher in the University of South Dakota’s Division of Basic Biomedical Sciences, is the lead inventor of a novel vaccine that can achieve broad immunity against influenza A viruses. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted this vaccine a patent, which allows Huber and his research group to advance the vaccine to the next stage of product development.
  • CBBRe hosted a demonstration at the Washington Pavilion Spooky Science Booth in Sioux Falls.
    We had a great turnout, 1454 people attended Spooky Science this year, and we went through 34 Jell-O brains, 4 bags of candy and 9 hours of fun!
  • Thanks again to Lee Baugh, Kelene Fercho, Tim Hanna, Riley Paulson, Avery Franzen, Danielle Hertel, Preston Long, Logan Welker, Marc Niamba, Jessica Hoynoski, Rebecca Sistad, Rachel Rucker, Rachel Bock, Rhiannon Sears, Reece Andonov, Eric Graack, Ali Vogelsang, Emily Kalantar, Autumn Eirinberg, and the Vermillion Police Department for making the event a success!

September 2018

  • Congratulations to Dr. William Mayhan, BBS Dean & Professor, on successfully being awarded a $1.32 million R01 grant funded by the National Institutes of Health, titled “Dysfunction of the Cerebral Microcirculation by In Utero Exposure to Alcohol.”
  • Taylor Bosch, BA, BBS, Dr. Lee Baugh’s lab, was first author on a manuscript accepted for publication in Scientific Reports, titled “Behavioral performance and visual strategies during skill acquisition using a novel tool use motor learning task.”

August 2018

  • Congratulations to Dr. Kelene Fercho!
    Dr. Fercho received a competitive travel award to attend the OSA Fall Vision Meeting’s electroencephalography workshop entitled "EEG Frequency-tagging in Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience: Conceptual & Technical advances, " led by Bruno Rossion (Nancy), Tony Norcia (Stanford) Ramesh Srinivasan (UC Irvine), Jan Atkinson (Oxford), and Oliver Braddick (Oxford). This award covers all travel costs and registration for this exciting event.
  • The Division provided the funding for the Imaging Core to update our Inverted Microscope Imaging System. The new system includes a new AXIOCAM 305 color camera, ZEN 2.3 PRO image acquisition and analysis software, and a top of the line computer workstation and monitor.
  • Taylor Bosch, BA, BBS, was awarded first place in the graduate student division of the poster competition for his research into sensorimotor control of object manipulation at the annual CBBRe Research Symposium.

July 2018

  • Shaydie Engel, BA, BBS, successfully defended her thesis, entitled, "Mechanisms Promoting Enhanced Drug Responses Following Adolescent Social Stress."
  • Matthew Weber, BA, BBS, successfully defended his dissertation, entitled, “Adolescent social defeat disrupts prefrontal cortex dopamine and cognitive function in adulthood.”

June 2018

  • The USD Credit Hour Podcast, interviewing the brightest minds at the University, featured Dr. Lee Baugh, BBS and Dr. Lindsey Jorgenson, Communication Disorders on the topic 'PTSD and the Brain' Parts 1 and 2.
    Plug in and listen at
  • Matthew Weber, MA, BBS, Dr. Michael Watt’s lab, was first author on a manuscript accepted for publication in the European Journal of Neuroscience, titled “Enhanced dopamine D2 autoreceptor function in the adult prefrontal cortex contributes to dopamine hypoactivity following adolescent social stress.”

May 2018

  • Congratulations to CBBRe Alum Sharleen Yuan, MD, for receiving the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine Awards 2016 Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award.
  • Congratulations to David Christianson, MD (Dr. Sathyanesan’s lab) on receiving the Dean’s Academic Achievement Award, and the Satish Konera Award for Excellence in Physiology.
  • Congratulations to Robert Morecraft, PhD, Professor, Division of Basic Biomedical Sciences, on receiving the Class of 1958 Basic Science Faculty Award.

April 2018

  • Congratulations to Jon Brudvig and The Weimer Lab on their recently published manuscript in Molecular Neurobiology describing a novel interaction between the protein MARCKS and the Netrin signaling complex. This work uncovers a novel role of MARCKS signaling in mediating axonal pathfinding in the developing cerebral cortex. “MARCKS is necessary for Netrin-DCC signaling and corpus callosum formation”.
  • Congratulations to the 2018 SPURA Students on their selection for this competitive program.
  • Quinci Herll (Medical Biology) with Dr. Lisa McFadden (BBS)
  • Santina Lokonobei (Biology) with Dr. Hong Zheng (BBS)
  • Lauren Mattison (Mathematics) with Dr. Cliff Summers (Biology)
  • Conrad Mohr-Eymer (Chemistry) with Dr. Lee Baugh (BBS)
  • Rachel Rucker (Medical Biology) with Dr. Brian Burrell (BBS)
  • Craig Stanton (Psychology & Addiction Studies) with Dr. Christopher Berghoff (Psychology)
  • Lane Suing (Medical Biology) with Dr. Samuel Sathyanesan (BBS)
  • Danielle Wilson (Psychology) with Dr. Lisa McFadden and Jessica Freeling (BBS)
  • Congratulations to Riley Paulsen, a BBS graduate student and USD-N3 fellow, who has just been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GFRP). Riley was one of 2,000 awardees out of a pool of over 12,000 applicants to receive this award that provides three years of graduate stipend and tuition support. The GRFP reviewers recognized Riley’s potential as a researcher as well as her commitment to activities in promoting STEM education, especially to women looking to enter the STEM fields.
  • Katie Grausam, BS, MS, successfully defended her dissertation, entitled, “Leptomeningeal dissemination and metastasis of ATOH1-driven SHH medulloblastomas.”
  • Taylor Bosch, BA, BBS, successfully defended his dissertation, entitled, “Neural and behavioral mechanisms underlying tool use motor resonance.”
  • Jon Brudvig, BS, successfully defended his dissertation, entitled, “Molecular roles of myristolyoated alanine-rich C kinase substrate (MARCKS) in neurite dynamics.”

March 2018

  • Congratulations to former SPURA fellow Kami Pearson for being selected to represent USD and presented her undergraduate research to the state legislators in Pierre last week. Kami's research with Drs. Brown-Rice (CPE) and Gina Forster (BBS) aims for a better understanding of the early life, biological and psychological risk factors for problem alcohol use in young adults.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Brudvig on being honored with CGSO’s Award for Excellence in Research, Service, and Leadership. Jonathan was awarded with $500 based on his research, contributions to the field, service contributions to the CGSO and CBBRe, and overall leadership potential.
  • Congratulations to Riley Paulsen and Dr. Etienne Gnimpieba!
    Riley and Dr. Gnimpieba were part of a team that was recently awarded a grant from the NSF I-Corps program. The title of their successful application was "Analytic Tool Discovery System for Interdisciplinary Data Analysis". 
  • Congratulations to the Recipients of USD-N3 and CBBRe Travel Awards!
    Miyuraj Harishchandra (Biology), Hongbo Gao (BBS) were recipients of the USD-N3 travel awards, while the CBBRe travel award recipients were Logan Welker (Psychology) and Rebecca Sistad (Psychology). All were selected for competitive travel awards to present their research.
  • Congratulations to CBBRe alum Dr. Sharleen Yuan (PhD & soon to be MD) who successfully matched for an MEDC/EM residency at the University of Maryland Medical System.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Raluca Simons and Jamie Scholl on being awarded competitive pilot grants from the NIH-supported Great Plains Center for Transitional Research (CTR):
    Dr. Raluca Simons (Psychology) "An Experience Sampling Study of Sleep, PTSD, and Alcohol"
    Jamie Scholl (BBS) "Gut Microbiota and Immune Markers in Psychological Health."
  • Congratulations to the Recipients of USD-N3 Student Research Awards.
    These competitive field research awards were made to Miyuraj Harishchandra (Biology), Yifeng Huo (Chemistry), and Tayler Hoekstra (Biomedical Engineering).

February 2018

  • Congratulations to CBBRe Alum Flora Wang!Her recently published article ”Endocannabinoid-Mediated Potentiation of Non-Nociceptive Synapses Contributes to Behavioral Sensitization" was selected by the Journal of Neurophysiology to be highlighted on social media.
  • Dr. Soonhee Roh (Social Work) and the Director of CBBRe Dr. Brian Burrell (BBS) were honored as Professors of the Game at the USD vs. SDSU women's basketball game last week.

January 2018

  • On January 2, 2017, Dr. Gabrielle Strouse appeared on SDPB's In The Moment to discuss the details of her recent publication on toddlers and how screen time impacts learning. We applaud Dr. Strouse in sharing her research in an effort to improve the cognitive growth of children in South Dakota.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Strouse on an article accepted for publication in Frontiers in Psychology.
    The role of book features in young children’s transfer of information from picture books to real-world contexts.
  • Pedro N. and Tom H. from the Weimer team co-presented today as a part of the Sanford Research Data Club. They discussed their work on ataxia telangiectasia and traumatic brain injury (respectively) and the exploration of whether mesenchymal stem cells could be used as a possible treatment for these disorders.

December 2017

  • Congratulations to the 2017 CBBRe Pilot Grant Awardees!
  • Drs. Samuel Sathyanesan (BBS) and Jason Petersen (VA) “Antidepressant Activity of a Recombinant Neurotrophin”
  • Drs. Yi-Fan Li (BBS) and Chaoyang Jiang (Chemistry) “Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Study of UCHL1 Protein-Protein Interactions”
  • Congratulations to the 2017 CBBRe Trainee Research Grant Awardees!
  • Brandon Gray (Psychology) for his project: "The Role of Emotional Granularity in Attentional Biases"
  • Elise Hocking (Psychology) for her project: "Insecure Attachment, Hazardous Alcohol Use, and Intimate Partner Violence: A Dyadic Analysis"
  • Ruthellen Anderson (BBS) for her project: "Dynamic Regulation of Vesicular Trafficking by Altered Sterol Homeostasis in Neural Cell Types
  • The South Dakota Board of Regents recognized three University of South Dakota student organizations for their outstanding academic, community, and organizational work. Congratulations to Riley Paulsen, President of Women in STEM, which won the "Award for Organizational Leadership". WiSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) provides resources, networking, support, and encouragement to women in STEM fields. Efforts to dispel negative stereotypes and discrimination are also emphasized. The group seeks to advance gender equity while helping its members to emerge as the next generation of leaders in a variety of STEM fields.
  • Gabrielle Strouse, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Division of Counseling and Psychology in Education in the School of Education, will publish research new research from USD School of Education showing that children learn best from screen time with parent involvement in the February 2018 issue of the “Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.”

November 2017

  • Congratulations to Alex Hanson & Aaron Fleischer, who were awarded travel grants from CURCS at USD to present their research at the 2017 Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington, DC, November 2017.
  • Congratulations to the Nebraska Physiology Society (NPS) Award Winners. At the annual conference held in Omaha, Hanming Zhang from Dr. XJ Wang’s lab won the first place poster award in graduate student category. Dr. Rajeshwary Ghosh from Dr. Scott Pattison’s lab won the first place poster award in postdoctoral category. Dr. Peng Xiao and Dr. Penglong Wu respectively won the second and fourth places in postdoctoral category.
  • Brenna Bray from Dr. Gina Forster’s lab attended the Nebraska Physiology Society (NPS) debate on graduate education and her team was the winner of the debate! This year NPS conference drew over 121 attendees and 62 poster presentations. Nineteen graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members from the BBS attended the conference. Congratulations to all the winners.
  • Congratulations to McKayla Poppens from Augustana University and Dr. Jill Weimer’s lab at Sanford Research for winning the best poster award at the annual MidBrains meeting, for her presentation titled “A potential combinatorial therapy for CLCN6 Batten disease”.
    Jessica Hanson, PhD, recently published a commentary in Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research highlighting the importance of community-based participatory research approaches to inform alcohol-related interventions with American Indian and Alaska Native communities.
  • Congratulations to Drs. Amy Putthoff Schweinle and Kari Oyen for being awarded a NExT Common Metrics Research Mini-Grant! The project entitled, "Factors that Help New Teachers Persist to Teaching in Rural Settings" will support efforts to explore data collected by the Entry, Exit, Transition to Teaching, and Supervisor Surveys that were conducted by the NExT Common Metrics project which aims to increase teacher effectiveness.

October 2017

  • Nathan Vinzant, BBS, from Dr. Gina Forster’s lab, was first author on a manuscript accepted for publication in Frontiers in Neuroscience, titled “Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Delivery of Peptides to the Brain: Reversal of Anxiety During Drug Withdrawal.”
  • Congratulations to the CBBRe/N3 Graduate Student Travel Award winners - Clarissa Staton, biology, for the Society for Neuroscience Conference; Casey Finnicum, basic biomedical sciences, for the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting; Pasan Fernando, biology, to attend the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine.

September 2017

  • Congratulations to USDN3 director and basic biomedical sciences associate professor Brian Burrell, Ph.D., on receiving the USD President’s Award for Research Excellence - Established Faculty.
  • Congratulations to basic biomedical sciences professor Samuel Sathyanesan, Ph.D., on receiving the USD President’s Award for Research Excellence - Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Congratulations to Human Functional Imaging Core director Kelene Fercho, Ph.D., on being accepted into the neuromodulation training course with the National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation, a very prestigious and competitive training program.

August 2017

  • Congratulations to Lee Baugh, Ph.D., and Kelene Fercho, Ph.D., on their travel awards to attend the National Institutes of Health-sponsored Clinical Neurostimulation Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico this October. The field of neurostimulation and neuromodulation offers exciting promises for improving human behavior and reducing symptoms of brain and mental illness.
  • Congratulations to Gina Forster, Ph.D., and Lee Baugh, Ph.D., on their award for their project “MRI: Acquisition of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Instrumentation to Advance Understanding of the Brain.” The $150,000 major research instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation will support the purchase of new equipment for the Human Functional Imaging Core.
  • Congratulations to Jill Weimer, Ph.D., and Robin Miskimins, Ph.D., on their training grant, which will fund the Developmental Research Program for Medical Students (DRPMS). The program is designed to meet the future needs of health-related research by developing physicians who use evidence-based medicine in practice and contribute to translational research. Six students per year will be accepted into the DRPMS.
  • After a close competition with many excellent presentations, four students emerged as the winners of the poster competition at the CBBRe Research Symposium. This year's winners in each division were:
    • First place, undergraduate division – Megan Jorgensen, presenting "The Role of Endocannabinoid Signaling in Producing Injury-Induced Sensitization."
    • Second place, undergraduate division – Joshua McWhirt, presenting "Stress Induced Changes in Hippocampal Gene Expression."
    • First place, graduate/postdoctorate/staff division – Kelene Fercho, presenting "Addition of Pupil Diameter Measurements Increases Brain Computer Interface Performance."
    • Second place, graduate/postdoctorate/staff division – Hanming Zhang, presenting "Inhibition of Phosphodiesterase 1 Confers Striking Therapeutic Benefit to HFpEF in Mice."

July 2017

  • The Center for Genetics & Behavioral Health, led by USD Professor Gina Forster, Ph.D., has been awarded a five-year grant for $3.4 million to study genetic and environmental influences in post-traumatic stress disorder, placing South Dakota at the forefront of personalized treatment for trauma-related illness.
  • USD has been awarded a $1 million grant by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute as part of their Inclusive Excellence Initiative to enhance the participation and retention of underrepresented minorities in the natural sciences. Brian Burrell, associate professor of basic biomedical sciences, led the faculty team behind the effort, which included members from five schools and programs across the university.
  • Brenna Bray, a graduate student in basic biomedical sciences, has been invited to join a team of graduate students and faculty from the tri-state region to debate issues in science training and advocacy at the Nebraska Physiological Society meeting in October.
  • Congratulations to basic biomedical sciences professor Doug Martin, Ph.D., who was awarded the 2017 Sanford School of Medicine Class of 1958 Basic Biomedical Science Award.

June 2017

  • Sara Lowmaster, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Psychology, received a travel award from the Great Plains Institutional Development Award Program Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research to develop clinical and translational research-related collaborations.
  • Amy Elliott, Ph.D., Sanford Research, was named co-chair of the National Institutes of Health Biospecimens Working Group for the ECHO Study, which studies how environmental exposures affect child health and development.
  • Brandon Gray, a graduate student in clinical psychology, is completing a summer internship with the Mental Health and Substance Use Evidence Research Department at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He is assisting with projects related to mental health in emergencies.

May 2017

  • 2016 Summer Program for Undergraduate Research in Addiction students Kami Pearson and Aaron Fleischer were named UDiscover Scholars for the summer of 2017.
  • Basic biomedical sciences graduate student Katie Grausam, of the Zhao lab, is the first author on a paper which was accepted for publication at Cancer Research for her article entitled: "Atonal homolog 1 promotes leptomeningeal dissemination and metastasis of the Sonic Hedgehog subgroup medulloblastoma."

April 2017

  • The CBBRe Spring 2017 Graduate Student Travel Award winners include Rebecca Sistad of the Department of Psychology. Sistad is presenting at the National American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, D.C. from August 3-6, 2017. The other winner, basic biomedical sciences graduate student Brenna Bray, presented at the Ninth International Meeting on Steroids and the Nervous System in Torino, Italy from February 11-17, 2017.
  • fMRI specialist and Human Functional Imaging Core manager Kelene Fercho, Ph.D., has been selected to participate in the highly competitive National Institutes of Health-sponsored Summer School in Adaptive Neurotechnologies.
  • Congratulations to Kathleen Brown-Rice, Ph.D. Her manuscript, "Counselor Educators and Students with Problems of Professional Competence: A Survey and Discussion" won the 2016 Outstanding Scholar Award in Research by The Professional Counselor.
  • Sharleen Yuan, a third-year medical student who is also in the basic biomedical sciences Ph.D. program, won the Young Achiever's National Abstract Competition in the medical student basic research category at the 2017 American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Annual Conference in San Diego. Her presentation was titled "The Mechanisms of NMDAR-Dependent Long-Term Potentiation in Nociceptive Synapses."

March 2017

  • Mick Watt, Ph.D., was appointed the Donald S. MacKay Distinguished Professor of Research, effective July 1, 2017. This professorship was established by Ms. Mercedes MacKay, who was the librarian for the state of South Dakota from 1939 to 1973 and credited with increasing literacy in the state.
  • Sarah Wollersheim Shervey, Ph.D. was accepted into the School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference (SPRCC) for Early Career Scholars. It is an opportunity for emerging scholars in the field to work with top researchers, as well as with other early emerging scholars, in the field of school psychology.
  • Brenna Bray, a basic biomedical sciences graduate student, was awarded a USD Graduate Research and Creative Scholarship Grant for her research "Corticosterone in the ventral hippocampus differentially affects accumbal dopamine output in drug-naïve and amphetamine-withdrawn rats."

February 2017

  • Brenna Bray, a BBS graduate student, was awarded a fellowship from the International Meeting on Steroids and Nervous System to present her research in Torino, Italy in February 2017.
  • Rebecca Sistad, a current undergraduate Summer Program for Undergraduate Research in Addiction student, was awarded the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism/National Institute on Drug Abuse travel award to present her research at the 2016 American Psychological Association Convention in Denver, Colorado in August 2016. Her research examines cognitive and behavioral factors that contribute to alcohol problems in college students.
  • Brenna Bray, a graduate student in basic biomedical sciences, was awarded a fellowship from the International Meeting on Steroids and Nervous System to present her research in Torino, Italy.
  • Doug Martin, Ph.D. was awarded an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health to study “Cardiac sympathetic afferent reflex control of venous function.”

January 2017

  • Jon Brudvig, a second year Ph.D. student in the basic biomedical sciences program, was the recipient of a 2016 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) fellowship. The NDSEG is a highly competitive pre-doctoral fellowship funded by the Department of Defense. It supports individuals who have demonstrated the ability and special aptitude for advanced training in science and engineering. Brudvig's research examines development of the brain and how it is altered to result in Batton’s disease, a neurological disorder in children.
  • Katie Grausman, a basic biomedical sciences and Sanford Research graduate student, was awarded the Gary N. Piquette Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a doctoral student in the cell biology area within basic biomedical sciences.

November 2016

  • Brenna Bray, a basic biomedical sciences graduate student, was awarded first place in the graduate student division of the poster competition at the Nebraska Physiological Society's annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Her poster was titled "Corticosterone in the ventral hippocampus differentially affects accumbal dopamine release in drug-naïve and amphetamine-withdrawn rats."

October 2016

  • Research enhancement pilot grant awards were given to Harry Freeman, Ph.D., and Etienne Gnimpieba for their research proposal "Oxytoccin and Attachment Preference Among Young Adults." Awards were also given to Gabrielle Strouse, Ph.D., Lisa Newland, Ph.D. and Dan Mourlam, Ph.D., for their research proposal "Should I Flip or Should I Click? Parent and Child Conceptualizations and Usage of Print and Digital Media Formats: Links to Children's Learning."
  • Jon Brudvig was awarded a CBBRe trainee research grant for his research proposal "Novel Roles for MARCKS in Cortical Development and Midline Ason Crossing," under the mentorship of Jill Weimer, Ph.D.
  • Congratulations to 2016 Summer Program for Undergraduate Research in Addiction student Kami Pearson and undergraduate researcher Eric Graack, who were both awarded travel grants by the Council for Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship to present at and attend the Society of Neuroscience Meeting in San Diego, California, in November 2016.
  • Congratulations to Aaron Fleischer, a 2016 Summer Program for Undergraduate Research in Addiction (SPURA) student, who received a USD undergraduate travel award from the Council for Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship. The travel award will allow him to present his research in the faculty for undergraduate neuroscience poster session at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, California. He will be presenting "The effects of mild traumatic brain injury on brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in the limbic system."
  • John Fanta, a 2015 SPURA alum, attended the annual meeting of the Sioux Valley chapter of the American Chemical Society. His poster “Modulating Effective Acetylcholine Concentration Using Metal Organic Super-Containers (MOSCs)” won third place.