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Your application should include:

  • A 400 word research plan identifying the goals of the study and why the study is important. It should also include how this study aligns with the goals of SPURA.
  • A 400 word personal statement including what you expect to gain in terms of career/professional development by participating in SPURA, and how your selected mentor and project help you achieve these goals. This can also include an optional personal statement regarding your interest in the subject of drug abuse, addiction and related mental health conditions.
  • Student’s transcript from webadvisor, to be emailed to
  • Letter of support from the student's faculty mentor, to be emailed to
  • Applications are due on or before February 14 each year

Apply Now

Faculty Mentor

Interested students should identify a faculty mentor as soon as possible. Faculty mentors can sponsor two student application per year. However, preference may be given to supporting students from another laboratory before a second student from the same mentor is funded.

Students should work with their faculty mentor in developing their application. Contact Brian Burrell ( if you need assistance in identifying or contacting a potential faculty mentor.