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USD Faculty, Staff and Students,

Like USD, the City of Vermillion has recently adopted additional safety protocols to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. As partners in keeping both the university and our community safe, it’s important to be aware of what is expected from city establishments and community members.

The Vermillion City Council has passed an emergency resolution that wearing a mask or other face covering is expected from the public while inside all commercial establishments. It also approved an emergency ordinance stating that establishments open to the general public are required to post a sign near each entrance that indicates face coverings are expected. Businesses can either print off ready-made signs or pick them up at City Hall or the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company at McVicker Plaza.

These two measures will remain in effect for 60 days and then be automatically repealed unless specifically readopted for an additional period of time by the city council.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the safety of all university and community members.

COVID-19 Task Force