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Dear Students,

Thank you for wearing your face coverings, washing your hands regularly and maintaining physical distance from others when possible during our first few days of the semester. Protecting the health of yourself and others is a big responsibility, and we appreciate your efforts in making our campus a safer place.

As a reminder, face coverings are required in indoor, public spaces on campus. There are a few exceptions, including when individuals are eating and drinking; however, please note that you are required to wear a face covering in dining spaces when you are not eating or drinking. This means that when you are walking through the MUC, waiting in line to pick up food, visiting with friends after finishing your meal, studying in a dining area or otherwise inhabiting an indoor, public space while not eating/drinking, you must wear a face covering. Please remove your face covering only when necessary to eat or drink, and then put your face covering back on when you have finished eating or drinking.

For more information about exceptions to the face covering policy and USD's response to COVID-19, please visit If you have further questions, you may contact us directly at

Thank you for doing your part to #ProtectThePack.


Kimberly A. Grieve, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Services/Dean of Students