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COVID-19 has had an undeniable impact on the way we navigate our daily lives and interact with one another. While we are confident in steps we can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (including wearing masks, washing our hands and maintaining distance from others), many myths and uncertainties about the virus persist.

As we look ahead to the fall semester, we want to ensure that everyone in our community has access to educational opportunities that will help us better understand the virus. On Thursday, July 30, at 1:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time, the university offered Breaking through the Noise, a free webcast about COVID-19 featuring a panel of experts. Sanford School of Medicine Incoming Dean Tim Ridgway, Sanford School of Medicine Outgoing Dean Mary Nettleman, Assistant Vice President of Research Compliance Kevin O’Kelley and Associate Professor of Basic Biomedical Sciences Victor Huber joined in conversation to dispel myths about COVID-19, explain what we know about the virus and discuss USD’s efforts to protect the community.

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