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Hand sanitizing stations have been added to all entrances of residence halls.

Part of the institutional response to a student who lives in USD housing and tests positive for COVID-19 includes the following response:

  • Certain floors of residence halls are designated for students who need to isolate. These floors will be left empty in case there is a need during the school year to isolate any student.
  • Students quarantined in these areas will have:
    • Have meals delivered
    • Have their temperatures monitored twice daily
    • Receive check-in calls daily from Sanford Vermillion Clinic/USD Student Health and a member of the University Housing team
    • Work with Department of Health officials to assist with contact tracing

If hospitalization is deemed necessary, medical centers in Vermillion and Sioux Falls have ample bed spaces and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to meet the needs of our community.