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Hey Coyote family,

I know this has been a challenging few weeks for all of us — with online classes, graduation postponed and moving out. I know so many of us are worried or bummed or stressed or all of the above, and I feel that, too.

But, I want to take a second to remind everyone what we are dealing with. Coronavirus is temporary for most of us, but it's very serious and life-threatening for others. Many individuals and older adults are at extreme risk, so I'm asking you as a peer and friend to please stay in. Remain socially distant and put the needs of those that are most vulnerable ahead of the desire to go out on the town.

For those still in Verm, a lot of bars and restaurants are closing or doing to-go service to protect their employees and the community. While some remain open, please stay home and do your part to flatten the curve.

My friend told me the other day that if there were a virus infecting only young people ravaging the world, his grandparents would do everything they can to protect him. I hope that we rise to the occasion and can do the same for them. We can go out and socialize in the future, but if we are not responsible now, many individuals may never have a chance.

In these next few weeks, get creative on how you lean into your relationships! Schedule a Zoom happy hour, FaceTime, a friend... Our generation is so tech-savvy that there's no reason we can't tap into technology to get our social fulfillment.

Whether we're online or on campus, WE ARE YOTES. We can do this. We'll be stronger together because of this.

***For a full list of temporary closures and business hours for local Vermillion businesses, visit

/s/ Abuk D. Jiel
Student Body President