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Dear Campus Community,

USD’s COVID-19 Task Force continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19 on campus and expand our resources so we can best serve the Coyote community. Moving forward, we will share a weekly update from the COVID-19 Task Force to ensure our community remains informed about developments at the university.

As shown on the USD COVID-19 Dashboard, the total number of student and employee current active cases is 243. On Sept. 1, we experienced our first day in which the number of recoveries was greater than the number of new positive cases. We are encouraged by this development, as this suggests our community is taking our collective responsibility to #ProtectThePack seriously. Please note, however, that this cannot yet be considered a downward trend. To see lasting results, we must all continue to do our part to protect ourselves and each other.

One of the resources available to USD students is grocery delivery. If you require grocery delivery services, please send an email to so USD staff can coordinate delivery for you once your online order is placed.

You are making a tremendous impact by wearing face coverings, maintaining physical distance from others and making safe decisions. Thank you for your efforts to create a safer environment on campus, and please continue this great work. We are in this together.

COVID-19 Task Force