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A view of the Missouri River from a hill of trees and prairie grasses.

We are a team of public health and healthcare faculty studying the impact of COVID-19 on communities in South Dakota. In late March, we launched the statewide South Dakota COVID-19 Community Impact Survey to learn how individuals and families were affected by and reacting to the coronavirus pandemic. More than 7,000 people participated in the survey, which includes questions on perceived susceptibility, knowledge of COVID-19, most trusted sources for health information, stressors, impact of school and business closures, disease burden and mental health. We are using results to inform a health communication campaign to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in South Dakota communities. Our team is honored to feature community ambassadors who represent South Dakota’s culturally and geographically diverse communities.

Health Communication Resources

Survey Results

Youth Ambassadors Program

This project is led by faculty in the joint USD-SDSU Master of Public Health program and USD's Sanford School of Medicine and Department of Psychology. This survey was deemed public health surveillance and not human subjects research by the USD Institutional Review Board. The project is supported through the USD Master of Public Health program.

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