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Call for Participants

One of the “hidden” costs of higher education is textbooks. While students have more flexibility now than ever before in terms of options for procuring textbooks (i.e., digital, rental and used), they will on average still spend over $1,200 per academic year on textbooks.

To remedy this at USD, CTL, in coordination with Academic Affairs, is pleased to announce a call for up to fifteen (15) faculty to participate in the Open Textbook Fellowship (OTF). Details of the requirements of the OTF are listed in the call below, but in short, OTF participants will learn about open textbook and courseware resources and options, will work with CTL staff to adopt and incorporate open textbooks/courseware into their courses, participate in assessing student outcomes in those courses and serve as faculty mentors to encourage further open textbook/courseware adoption at USD.

Though the OTF has only been in place for one full academic year, the results of the fellowship have been immediately impactful and in many cases will continue to save students money by replacing costly college textbooks and course materials with open textbooks and materials. In just the first year, the OTF has conservatively saved students $90,000.

More Information on the Open Textbook Fellowship's Impact

June 1-5, 2020

Applications are due by April 30.

  • Synchronously Online (exact times TBA)
  • OTF is open to all USD full- and part-time faculty, regardless of location
  • $1,500 to $2,500 stipend upon the completion of training

To learn more about the OTF, or to apply, please review the call for participants.