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The teaching consultation provides an opportunity for anyone who is teaching at the University to sign up for confidential analysis and evaluation of their teaching. The consultation is organized in a series of ever-deepening evaluations, which the teacher may choose from:

  • DVD Recording of Classes: Purpose: To provide visual feedback to the teacher of a class or series of classes. The teacher may simply request that the materials be sent directly to them, or may schedule an evaluative review of the recording with the CTL staff.
  • Materials Analysis: Purpose: To allow anyone teaching at the University to have syllabi, tests, homework assignments, grading rubrics, etc., evaluated by the CTL staff.
  • Classroom Observation: Purpose: To allow a person teaching at the University to have a trained member of the CTL staff personally visit one or more of the faculty member's classes, and then evaluate the teaching session.
  • Student Feedback: Purpose: Minimally, to assist faculty in understanding the student evaluations currently in use by the University. Preferably, this analysis would also involve interviews with student groups in current classes. Evaluations of student comments would then take place in an evaluation session in the CTL.