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Dakota Days graphic that says, "Make the best float ever."

Custom Printed Signage

  • Print Source: 605-624-8486 - large format prints, 24" lamination, foamboard, vinyl banners, lettering and signs, and promotional items
  • Pressing Matters: 605-624-4132 - large format prints, vinyl banners, 24" lamination, foamboard
  • UPS Store: 605-658-0202 - large format prints, 24" lamination, foambard, banners, custom signs and promotional items
  • : 605-658-6276 - large format prints, banners, 43" lamination and foamboard

Additional Resources

  • Twist Ty the Balloon Guy - balloon art (party pieces, hats, animals)
  • Red Bird Balloon - decor, sculptures, arches, almost anything

Float Ideas

Float Decoration Supplies

*USD does not promote the purchases from any of these sites. They are for reference if additional materials are needed.*

Online Supplies

Local Supplies

  • Walmart: paint, tissue paper, streamers, plastic table runners, tag board, balloons and more
  • Mead Lumber: building supplies
  • Ace Hardware: paint, chicken wire, small building materials
  • Cambell's Supply: paint, chicken wire
  • Charlie's Downtown and at the MUC: flags, pom poms, foam paws, fan apparel
  • Tractor Supply Company: paint, chicken wire
  • USD Creative Services to purchase the on-hand float supplies at On-hand supplies shown below.