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There are a number of student organizations where diverse communities can connect with each other and the whole USD community, including:

Ally Student Group: has consisted of students and faculty who share a commitment to understanding the connections between racism, sexism, socioeconomic status, heterosexism, and other forms of prejudice, discrimination, and injustice. Ally provides a safe, supportive environment for difficult, diversity-related discussions.

African Student Association: This organization is open to all students who are of African descent or are interested in learning about Africa. Our attempt is to unite the African community in Vermillion and to teach others about the different heritages among the different regions around the African continent through educational and social events.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society: The USD chapter of AISES was established with the intent to nurture the building of community at USD by bridging science and technology with traditional Native values. Through its educational programs, AISES provides opportunities for other academic arenas. The trained professionals will then become technologically informed leaders within the Indian community. AISES' ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for the advancement of American Indians as they seek to become self-reliant and self-determined members of society.

Asian American Student Association: We provide an enriching cultural and educational experience to the students of the University of South Dakota and empower students to achieve cultural awareness of the Asian American culture and to become academic scholars, advocates within their own community and student leaders on campus.

Association for the Advancement of Women’s Rights: Our goal is for people of all genders to come together to address gender equality and inequality in a respectful, thoughtful and constructive manner. We provide valuable resources and support to women at the University of South Dakota, further the advancement of women in American society, address multicultural issues among women and provide an avenue for positive, instrumental relationships to develop among all genders.

Black Law Student Association: (BLSA) is active in providing opportunities and venues for participation by its members to promote the awareness of minorities on the campus and surrounding communities. The Black Law Students Association hosts BLSA Week annually, which is a culmination of events taking place during February in conjunction with Black History Month. BLSA is instrumental in helping recruit potential students to the School of Law and are committed to helping build a foundation for the future.

Center for Diversity and Community: We are here to serve the diversity and inclusiveness needs of the USD student body and, in particular, support communities that have been historically been marginalized.

Diversity in Media and Entertainment: We support and create diversity in entertainment and encourage diversity in entertainment on a high school level, specifically within show choirs. Our ultimate goal is to create and maintain a reasonable expectation for equal representation in entertainment, both on and off the USD campus.

International Club: We bring international and domestic students together, educating them on different cultures at USD with various events.

Latino Student Association: We support and advocate for Latino students at the University of South Dakota.

Muslim Student Association: The USD Muslim Student Association focuses on the spiritual, cultural and academic development of USD students. The organization strives to bring together Muslims and non-Muslims to share, celebrate and educate the USD community about Islamic faith. It is the goal of MSA to foster community service opportunities.

Native American Law Students Association: The School of Law chapter is a member of the Native American Indian Law Student Association. Its principal goals are to provide a local and national network of mutual support, to focus attention on Indian Law issues of interest to the Law School community, and to serve as a minority and cultural resource within the University community.

Nepalese Student Association: We promote understanding, friendship, integrity, cooperation and better relationships among students and the Nepalese community.

Outlaws: LGBTIQA Law School Organization: Our mission is to promote, further and support the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and their friends and family, to encourage diversity and to provide education regarding LGBT-related and diversity-related issues on campus and within the community at-large.

Spectrum: Gender and Sexuality Alliance: We provide education and a social outlet for the LGBTQIA community and their allies on the USD campus and in the Vermillion community.

Students for Inclusive Excellence: The vision of Students for Inclusive Excellence is to serve as advocates to help improve the lives and experiences of USD’s diverse and traditionally marginalized populations by researching fundamental issues regarding diversity and inclusiveness on campus, reaching out to individuals to create a more positive and welcoming campus climate, and promoting inclusive excellence by proposing and executing solutions and ideas.

Students of Color in Psychology: (SCIP) is a mentoring program that provides opportunities for students of color in psychology to explore issues of race and ethnicity in their developing professional identity. The SCIP program sponsors social activities for its members and for the program as a whole. They also sponsor/co-sponsors presentations on diversity topics.

Tiospaye Native American Student Council: This organization encourages Native and non-Native students to get involved in school activities, promotes Native life on campus and to promote Native student higher education.

Union of African American Students: Our organization aims to introduce, educate and enlighten/enrich the broader campus community to the cultural traditions, experiences and values of the African-American community.

Women in Law: Women In Law is an organization composed of both male and female law students, faculty members and members of the South Dakota State Bar. The group works to increase awareness of current issues affecting women in law.