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The Talking Change, Making Change program (TCMC)--together with other leadership development programs--is a voluntary activity designed to prepare USD students to be leaders in an increasingly interconnected and complex society.

The Office for Diversity in collaboration with the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusiveness has developed a critical dialogue program called Talking Change, Making Change. Recognizing that dialogue is ineffective without corresponding action, this voluntary program aims to facilitate in-depth discussions that motivate positive actions. Utilizing the conceptual underpinnings of intergroup dialogue, the program combines research around a particular topic, thoughtful dialogue and the goal of producing actions for change.

Each Spring, a general theme will be identified prior to the start of when the Talking Change, Making Change program is offered. The specifics of how each group will define, discuss and address the dynamics of the theme are left to the individual groups themselves. The session structure is semi-organic in order to allow individual groups to decide the focus they would like to further explore and what type of action plans (deliverables) they will share at the conclusion of the program.

Talking Change, Making Change consists of approximately 6-8 groups of up to 10 undergraduate students, co-facilitated by trained graduate students. The groups meet weekly over a four week period. The student groups then present their deliverable at a culminating reception where participants and facilitators receive a certificate of completion.

One of the characteristics of Talking Change, Making Change is that both student participants and facilitators learn techniques for engaging in productive dialogues. Examples of these techniques are active listening, using humor, using relevant experiences or storytelling.

Applications for both facilitators and participants are available in February of each year.

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