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The Vucurevich Children's Center follows the guidelines presented in the publications:

  • The Creative Curriculum
  • The Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers
  • Second Step Social Emotional Curriculum for Preschoolers
  • The Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
  • The SD Early Learning Guidelines

Examples of the curriculum focused in these references are available to you at any time.

At the Vucurevich Children's Center, we believe:

  • Young children learn through active play. Play is the most complete of all educational processes and is the work of childhood. Play is the means by which children learn, explore and understand the world, all while experiencing great pleasure.
  • Concepts are developed, along with background information, as teachers plan activities to capitalize on children's innate curiosity and interest.
  • In an environment of play, children begin to take their first steps in the mental operation of symbolic thought. Children will test new ideas and practice new skills.
  • Concrete, hands-on manipulation of objects is the best way for children to learn about their environment and their relationship with the everyday world.
  • Young children learn through their senses. Through opportunities to touch, taste, hear and see, children can explore and understand their world.
  • Young children learn through talking with other children. Through language, children attend to aspects of the experience, reflect on them and express them in some way.
  • Children depend on routine for comfort and predictability in the passage of their day. When young children feel secure, they can then gain independence and self-confidence within their environment.