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Volunteering is a big part of the Vucurevich Children's Center. We frequently have student groups and organizations volunteer their time. Some volunteer responsibilities may include:

  • Community service projects
  • Completing projects for teachers
  • General cleaning duties
  • Donating available materials
  • Working in the garden

If you are a student and are in need of completing classroom projects, service hours or group project hours, the Vucurevich Children's Center is always looking for good help. Some duties might include:

  • Projects with young children
  • Teaching projects
  • Special education requirements
  • Classroom observations
  • Health science observations
  • Educational psychology projects
  • Group or club projects
  • SERVE volunteers
  • Practicum hours

If you feel like you may be interested in volunteering or student service, contact us at 605-677-6880 or at