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Students must complete the School of Education Scholarship Application to be considered for the following scholarships.

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The application closes on April 1.

Hee-sook Choi School Psychology Scholarship

This annual scholarship supports an outstanding school psychology graduate student. Applicants must have:

  • Full admission status
  • Completion of 12 credit hours in the school psychology program
  • Outstanding graduate GPA and professional dispositions
  • Evidence of a high-level of program involvement
  • Evidence of professional potential in the field of school psychology 

Anita Johnson Gwin Scholarship

These annual scholarships are offered to full-time graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in counseling and psychology in education with potential for leadership in the counseling field.

Robert H. and Myrtle E. Knapp Scholarship

This scholarship is available to a graduate student from South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska or Minnesota who is in the counseling program, has a better-than-average scholastic potential and a GPA well above average.

Marilyn J. Mabee Education Scholarship

This fellowship is awarded to an outstanding graduate or doctoral student in the division of Counseling and Psychology in Education.

David and Kay Olson Counseling Program Scholarship

An annual stipend is awarded to a doctoral student in the School of Education Counseling program each year.

E. Gordon Poling Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship supports a doctoral student in the counseling program whose career goal is to become a counselor educator.

Freshman Scholarships

For freshman scholarships, see Financial Aid.

All programs, policies and procedures described are subject to change. All statements in this publication concerning requirements, dollar amounts, conditions or other matters are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.