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Early Head Start

Early Head Start is a child development program that offers services for pregnant women, infants and toddlers. It is federally funded and free to income-eligible families. Eligibility criteria may include:

  • Family income
  • Infant/toddler age (pregnancy through 3 years)
  • At-risk pregnancies
  • Child's special needs

Program Options


A home visitor will meet with you in your home once a week at a regularly scheduled time. During your 1.5-hour visit, you will receive information regarding child development and participate in developmentally appropriate activities. You also have the opportunity to meet two times per month for Play and Learn Sessions (PALS), a group socialization experience. PALS gives you and your husband the opportunity to build relationships in a specially designed environment.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women receive home visits for prenatal education and support. Once your baby is born, your child will take over your spot in our program and will be considered an Early Head Start child. In the case of multiple births, enrollment for all children at the time of birth cannot be guaranteed.