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KSM Research

Our exercise science program offers an integrated research component. We also collaborate with other university departments to further outside experiences with research.


Our facility includes a $100,000 biomechanics laboratory that provides state-of-the-art equipment for student research:

  • BodPod for accurately measuring body composition
  • Portable New Leaf Metabolic Cart
  • Woodway Pro High-Speed Treadmill
  • Computerized Bertec Posturography Plate
  • Vicon 3D Motion Analysis Camera System with AMTI Force Plates and Delsys Wireless EMGs

Faculty Research Interests

Take a look at our faculty's research interests and recent publications:

Robin Ammon, Ed.D., the Kinesiology and Sport Management division chair, studies legal liability in sport, risk management in sport and athletics and premises liability. His most recent publication examined the impact of legislation on sport: “An Assessment of NCAA Division I Directors of Football Operations Perceptions of Changes in Recruiting and Retention Strategies Due to APR Legislation.”

Drew Pickett, Ph.D., generally focuses his research on the role of organizational behaviors in creating more inclusive sport and physical activity spaces. He also has an interest in research methods and quantitative analysis. His work has been featured in numerous scholarly outlets, including Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, American Journal of Health Behavior, Sex Roles, Social Science Quarterly and Applied Research in Quality of Life.

Hyung Suk Yang, Ph.D., researches factors that alter or impede various aspects of gait such as walking, running and landing, especially as related to clinical applications and health disparities. Yang’s most recent research, “Effects of Arm Weight on Gait Performance in Healthy Subjects,” was published in Human Movement Science.