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Recent Projects 

Flipped Classroom

Mark Baron, David DeJong, Evan Gough and Trent Grundmeyer recently had an article accepted for publication in the Journal of Educational Technology Systems. The article, "K-12 Teacher Perceptions Regarding the Flipped Classroom Model for Teaching and Learning," examined K-12 teachers' perceptions regarding the flipped classroom and differences in teachers’ perceptions based on grade level and content area taught. It was found that participants perceived that the flipped classroom creates time for varied instructional techniques, including active learning and higher order thinking, along with increased student-to-teacher interaction. The insights from the study inform teachers in the field about benefits and best practices in regard to the flipped classroom instructional model.

USD Teacher Residency Effects

We have concluded research on the impact of USD Teacher Residency candidates on the literacy skills of elementary students at a local public school. Researchers Mark Baron, Ph.D., and Ayana Campoli, Ph.D., found that when students in grades K-4 had a USD teacher residency candidate in the classroom for an entire year, their literacy skills were 7 percent to 18 percent higher than students in the same school who did not have a USD teacher residency in the classroom that year.