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The James D. Moran Memorial Award is awarded to support doctoral student research. Annually, two $750 or three $500 awards will be granted to graduate students in good standing from the School of Education to assist them in completing high quality dissertations.


  1. You must be a graduate student from the School of Education whose proposal has been accepted by your dissertation committee. 
  2. You must be available to present your research or progress to date at IdeaFest.

To Apply:

  1. Complete the application form 
  • if requested for a username, please use your USD email.
  • You are encouraged to read all the questions. Consider writing your responses in word processing software, then copying it to the form.

    2. Ask your faculty research advisor to review your proposal and submit a recommendation form on your behalf.

  • Share this link with your advisor. 

Applications are judged on the following criteria: 

  1. The dissertation study will make a unique contribution to the field as evidenced in the description of the purpose, objectives, research questions or artist's statement, method and anticipated outcomes/impacts.
  2. The student has the academic preparation and practical expertise to conduct the study. 
  3. The budget is reasonable and other sources of funding (if any) are identified.
  4. The dissertation study is of sufficient quality that the results can be presented at a regional or national meeting or other venue, published in a peer-reviewed journal, or result in a product of commercial value.

See application form for up-to-date information on deadlines and announcement of award winners. 

Application Form

Recommendation Form