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Read With Me, Talk With Me

In this study, we are interested in how parents and preschoolers interact when reading digital and print books together. We are also interested in how changes in the electronic book influence parent-child interactions (e.g., Does it ask questions? Does it read the text aloud?), and whether changes in interaction predict changes in children's story comprehension and acquisition of story vocabulary.

This collaboration with researchers at Vanderbilt University begun as a response to a federal competition resulting from a White House effort to address the gap in the number of words heard by lower income children versus their more affluent peers.

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Social-Emotional Learning From Children's TV and Apps

This three-site study investigates whether preschoolers learn social-emotional messages presented to them through a children's app and whether viewing a TV show with similar characters and content provides additional support for learning. We are also interested whether exposure to children's media increases parents' self-efficacy, perhaps by giving them additional strategies for communicating with their children about social-emotional content.