David Earnest

David Earnest

Chair, Department of Political Science



Phone: (605) 677-5242

Email: David.Earnest@usd.edu


David C. Earnest, Ph.D., is the Odeen-Swanson Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science. His research uses computational social science to study how communities manage complex interactions between physical, natural, ecological, technological and social systems. He has published findings in International Studies Quarterly (2008) and has written about the epistemology of computational methods in Complexity in World Politics (Neil Harrison, ed., SUNY Press, 2006). He is author of Massively Parallel Globalization: Explorations in Self-Organization and World Politics (SUNY Press, 2015); Old Nations, New Voters: Nationalism, Transnationalism and Democracy in the Era of Global Migration (SUNY Press, 2008) and co-author of On the Cutting Edge of Globalization (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005). He has also published in leading journals including World Politics, Foreign Policy, International Interactions, and Globalizations. He serves as the editor of the James N. Rosenau Series in Global Politics (State University of New York Press).

Teaching Interests:

International Political Economy, Globalization, Research Methods

Research Interests:

Global Political Economy, Complex Systems, Computational Social Science, Agent-Based Modeling


  • Ph D, Political Science, The George Washington University, 2004
  • MA, Security Policy Studies, Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University, 1994
  • BA, Political Science, Stanford University, 1991


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Awards and Honors:

  • Shining Star Award for Student Engagement, Old Dominion University, 2015
  • Wye Faculty Fellow, The Aspen Institute, 2014
  • Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring Award, Old Dominion University, 2014
  • Robert L. Stern Award for Outstanding Teaching, Old Dominion University, 2013
  • Editor, James N. Rosenau Series in World Politics, State University of New York Press, 2013
  • Finalist, Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards, State Council for Higher Education in Virginia, 2011
  • Shining Star Award for Student Engagement, Old Dominion University, 2010
  • Shining Star Award for Student Engagement, Old Dominion University, 2009
  • Finalist, "Rising Star", Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards, State Council for Higher Education in Virginia, 2006
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, American Political Science Association, 2006
  • Instructional Technology Teaching Award, Old Dominion University, 2006


  • Earnest, David. "The Rural Digital Divide: The Challenge". Presented at the The Rural Digital Divide: Challenges and Solutions, Lincoln, NE. (April 18, 2019)
  • Earnest, David. Complex Political Economy: Power, Wealth and Transformation in the Anthropocene. Presented at the Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA. (April 6, 2018)