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Jan Berkhout

Jan Berkhout



South Dakota Union 204

Phone: (605) 658-3715



  • Ph D, Physiology, Biopsychology , University of Chicago , 1962
  • Psychophysics, Acoustics, University of Vienna, 1956
  • BA, History, Economics , University of Chicago , 1955

Licensures and Certifications:

  • Professional Egonomist, Board Cetrification in Professional Ergonomist


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  • Berkhout, Jan. An die Freude, An analysis of Schiller's text of 1785, Schubert's setting of 1815, and Beetoven's setting in his Ninth Symphony of 1823. Presented at the Humanities Research Forum, Vermillion, SD. (October 16, 2007)
  • Berkhout, Jan. Setting Paris on Fire: A forensic analysis of the ruins of several public buildings destroyed in May, 1871, during the suppression of the Paris Commune.
  • Berkhout, Jan. Safety Workshop: You CAN select safe workers; A one hour seminar on personnel selection precedures. Presented at the Occupational Health and Safety Conference, Sioux City, Iowa. (April 16, 1997)
  • Berkhout, Jan. Safety Workshop: You CAN select safe workers; A one hour seminar on personnel selection precedures. Presented at the Safety and Health Expo . (May 16, 1996)