Timothy Pyles

Timothy Pyles

Assistant Professor


W M Lee Center for Fine Arts 184F

Phone: (605) 658-3490

Email: Timothy.Pyles@usd.edu


Timothy Pyles received his MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University, in Dallas TX. He has worked as an actor at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Theatricum Botanicum in Los Angeles, the Indiana Festival Theatre, and other venues. He is a member of the Actors' Equity Association.

Teaching Interests:

Acing, Voice and Speech, Shakespeare.

Research Interests:

History and Theories of Performance, Shakespeare, Philosophy and Theatre, Magic and the Supernatural in Theatre.


  • Ph D, Theatre History, Theory, Criticism, and Dramatic Literature, Indiana University, 2016
  • MFA, Acting, Southern Methodist University, 2006

Licensures and Certifications:

  • Single Sword, Rapier/Dagger, Hand-to-Hand Combat, American Society of Fight Directors and Fight Choreographers


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Awards and Honors:

  • David S. Hawes Award, Indiana Unversity, 2013
  • Bob Hope Award for Excellence, Southern Methodist University, 2005


  • Pyles, Timothy A.. "Bodies of Theology: Racine's Esther and Athalie as Embodied Theology". Presented at the Theatre Symposium, Atlanta, GA. (April 14, 2018)