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The College of Fine Arts is committed to sharing and developing art, music and theatre education resources for our partners in the K-12 system. Potential collaborations could include:

  • 1:1 lessons with students
  • Masterclasses in art, music and theatre techniques
  • Sectionals/small group work
  • Online portfolio reviews
  • Lectures on professional life and the business of fine arts
  • Teacher development
  • Short video tours of professional spaces
  • Other — please share your ideas with us!

Below is a list of faculty and staff who are eager to work with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on this list; we want to be an amazing resource for you as we all navigate how best to teach the fine arts during this challenging time.


Name Area of Specialization Email Address
Alix Suckstorf Web design/front end development, brand identity, illustration
Liz Heeren Drawing, illustration, mixed media, color theory
Cory Knedler Art education, printmaking, collage, collaborative art
Lauren Freese Art history


Name Area of Specialization Email Address
Bruce Kelley Music theory, music of the American Civil War Era
Todd Cranson Tuba, euphonium, trombone and athletic bands
John LaCognata Trumpet/band
Amy Laursen Horn/music theory
Dave Sanderson Music education/music technology
Sonja Kraus Cello, double bass, chamber music, music theory
Tracelyn Gesteland Vocal performance (classical and musical theatre styles), vocal pedagogy and voice science, care of the voice/vocal health, lyric diction and International Phonetic Alphabet, song literature, opera
Paul Lombardi Music theory/music composition
David Holdhusen Vocal/choral music
Darin Wadley Percussion/world music/jazz
 Luis Viquez  Orchestra, bands, clarinet


Name Area of Specialization Email Address
Sabrina Egeland Theatrical costume construction, costume shop management/tailoring, fabric manipulation techniques
Chaya Gordon-Bland Theatre performance (movement, Shakespeare, classical styles)
Vic Shonk Theatrical scenic design, model building, 3D printing, AutoCAD drafting, rendering, drawing/sketching, scenic painting, properties management/construction