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Study Abroad

At the end of each semester, the Center for Academic and Global Engagement (CAGE) holds general pre-departure orientation meetings for USD students who are preparing to leave for their upcoming international experiences. First-time study abroad students are required to attend one of these in-person orientation sessions. All study abroad students, including those who have previously studied abroad, should complete all online pre-departure application materials and attend all program-specific orientation meetings prior to departure.

The CAGE general pre-departure orientation supplements, pre-departure materials, covering some of the following topics: important health and safety information, preparing for emergencies and incidents abroad, credit transfer, cultural preparation, how to maximize your education abroad experience, opportunities after study abroad and more. The orientation is designed to reinforce the information that you receive through the online application and give you the opportunity to connect with other outgoing study abroad students as well as returnees and get your questions answered as you prepare for departure.

Passports & Visa

All travel outside the borders of the U.S., including to Canada and Mexico, requires a valid passport. Some countries will also require a visa prior to leaving the U.S., especially for those staying longer than 90 days.