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Study Abroad

We are here to assist students in the process of selecting and applying for study abroad programs, and to act as intermediaries with faculty and the USD administration while they are away. We are also here to answer your questions and address your concerns as parents.

We offer a variety of study abroad programs:

Important Health and Safety Information

Health & Safety: All USD students participating in university affiliated international activities are required to have Board of Regents insurance coverage through CISI. The insurance provides extensive coverage for situations such as emergency evacuation, extreme sporting and family reunification. The cost of the insurance is applied directly to the students USD account and study abroad staff review the coverage and claim process with students during the health and safety workshop prior to departure.

Travel Physical: Students are required to complete a travel physical well in advance of their departure date. During the visit, the physician will review any health concerns prevalent in the host country and make recommendations for immunizations and other preventative medications. Students are advised to schedule a travel physical appointment with Sanford Student Health Services at 605-677-3700.

Prescription Medications: All medications must remain in original, clearly labeled packaging and be packed in carry-on luggage along with copies of prescriptions and a letter from a physician stating the medications prescribed and reasons for taking it. If your student has a physical condition that may require emergency care, they need to carry identification at all times, as well as a short statement regarding the complication and what emergency responses are required should something happen.

In Case of Emergency: In case of an emergency while studying away, students should immediately contact their program director as well as their family. Upon arrival in the host country, it is beneficial to locate the nearest hospital. In an emergency, students are advised to always contact the staff on-site before contacting anyone in the U.S. If your student contacts you and is in a serious emergency, contact the study abroad staff immediately at 605-658-3599,

When your student is studying away, general day-to-day communication patterns will often change. We advise all students in the pre-departure workshop to discuss communication expectations with their family and friends prior to departure. We recommend setting up a regularly scheduled weekly Skype or telephone call.