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Buildings in Spain

Study Abroad through third-party (non-USD) program providers offers extensive on-site support; including airport pick-up, course registration, housing placement, cultural excursions and more.

You do not pay USD tuition or fees when you study abroad through a third-party program provider, but instead, you pay a program fee directly to the program provider. USD chooses to partner with these program providers based upon reputation, academic quality, excellent student support services and correspondence with our students' needs.

Financial Aid

When studying abroad through a USD-approved third-party provider, you can use both your USD financial aid and scholarships, including Mickelson, Presidential Alumni, Ullyot, Coyote Commitment and South Dakota Opportunity, toward the cost of the program:

Third-party Program Provider Benefits

  • A world of options. You are given a wider range of program options and locations than USD Direct Programs.
  • Flexible and affordable. Third-party program providers give you more flexibility in finding a program that best suits your academic, financial and personal needs.
  • Additional scholarships. Third-party providers will offer additional and scholarship opportunities. 

Tips for Finding the Right Study Abroad Option through a Program Provider

  • Searching for programs: All USD third-party programs can be found by either using the Simple Search or Advanced Search functions.
  • Compare costs: If you're deciding based on cost - compare what is and is not included, paying attention to the number of meals per week provided, how many excursions are included and where they go, how many credits you will bring back to USD, etc.
  • Start early: You should plan on giving yourself two months to research, decide and apply to a program. You will need to complete the application from the program provider, in addition to the GC application; make sure you can complete all the material by the deadlines.

Current Third Party Program Partners