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2016 Student Research & Creative Activity Winners

Brittany Marie Lewno

Title: Characteristics as Predictors of Academic Achievement

Program: School Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Hajvosky


Byron Thomas Pillow

Title: Expanding the Records of Holton Trombone Production: Primary Research with Holton Factory Personnel

Program: Music

Advisor: Dr. Deborah Reeves


Klaire Pearson

Title: Feminine Agency through Art and Performance

Program: Art

Advisor: Andrew Leventis


Lauren Henning

Title: Effect of an invasive plant across ecosystems: from land to water and back

Program: Biology

Advisor: Dr. Jeff Wesner



Title: A New Detection Mechanism involving Keto-Enol Tautomerization: Selective Fluorescence Detection of Al(III) by Dehydration of Secondary Alcohols in Mixed DMSO/Aqueous Media

Program: Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Andrew Sykes


Sunav Shrestha

Title: Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B over TiO2-Al2O3 aerogel materials.

Program: Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Ranjit Koodali


Sem Raj Tamang

Title: sp2 C-H activation and C-C coupling catalyzed by Cu(I) complex with the ambiphilic ligand 8 -quinolyldimesitylborane

Program: Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. James D. Hoefelmeyer


Elise Hocking

Title: The Role of Negative Urgency in the Relationship between Borderline Traits and Alcohol Problems

Program: Psychology.

Advisor: Dr. Raluca Simons


Russell Shaffer

Title: Treehouse Soldiers

Program: English

Advisor: Dr. Natanya Ann Pulley


Kayla Nalan-Sheffield

Title: Narrative Identity and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Program: Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Sara Lowmaster


Briana Nelson Kraayenbrink

Title: Aesthetics and Usability

Program: Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Doug Peterson

Annie Peasley

Title: Effects of a visual schedule with embedded video models in a specialized app for children with probable autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during medical appointments.

Program: Speech Language Pathology

Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Hanson


Sandarage Pasan Chinthana Fernando

Title: Investigating the genetic basis of evolutionary transitions using an integrative bioinformatics approach

Program: Biology

Advisor: Dr. Erliang Zeng


Lisa N. Baer

Title: Say What? Say When? Examining the Perceived Impact of Various Types of Positive Reinforcement in Romantic Relationships

Program: Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Randal Quevillon


Siyu Mao

Title: Effects of Fluorinated Monolayer Surface Modification on Conducting Substrates: Electron Transfer Kinetics & Implication on Improving Organic Electronics Performance

Program: Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Haoran Sun


Aaron C Packard

Title: Palladium and the Analog Experience

Program: Art

Advisor: John Banasiak



Jordan Kramer

Title: Design and synthesis of two-dimensional Schiff base perfluoroalkylated aromatic polymers with potential organic electronic applications

Program: Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Haoran Sun


Layani Makwinja

Title: Contextual Predictor's of Children's Subjective Well-being in Botswana

Program: Counseling and Psychology in Education

Advisor: Dr. Lisa Newland


Jeremy Fajman

Title: Woodrow Wilson's Western Tour: A Failure to Communicate

Program: History

Advisor: Dr. Steven Bucklin


Brandon Jay Karels

Title: Applications of Nanomaterials for Biomimetic Remineralization of Teeth

Program: Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Grigoriy Sereda


Jillian Farkas

Title: Investigating the effects of contaminated prey consumption on genotoxicity and behavior of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)

Program: Biology

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Kerby