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Fall Award Winners


Kaitlyn Campbell

Title: Effects of Selenium and the Fungicide, Captan, on Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) Viability and Gene Expression in Vitro

Program: Biological Sciences

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Kerby



Mrinal Kanti Dhar

Title: Advanced Body Screening at the Airport using Deep Learning

Program: Computer Science

Advisor: Dr. Santosh KC



Rachel Drown

Title: The functional basis for variable antipredator behavioral strategies in Chamaeleo calyptratus

Program: Biology

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Anderson



Ratna Garigipati

Title: Evaluation of Community-Based Psychological First Aid Among College Students Using a Mixed-Methods Approach

Program:  Clinical Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Randal P. Quevillon



Reza Goljani Amirkhiz

Title: Ensemble modeling to predict Virginia’s Warbler (Oreothlypis virginiae) breeding distribution at the northeastern periphery of its range

Program: Biological Sciences

Advisor: Dr. David Swanson



Brandon Lee Gray

Title: An Evaluation of Attentional Biases following Adverse Childhood Experiences

Program: Clinical Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Sara E. Lowmaster



Parvathi Jampani

Title: Investigating Nano-scale Metal-Organic Supercontainers (MOSCs) for Methamphetamine Detoxification

Program: Materials Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Zhenqiang Wang



Karissa Jensen

Title: A Systematic Review of Gender Differences in Academic Achievement

Program: Counseling and Psychology in Education

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Hajovsky



Preston Long

Title: Oxytocin Effects on Embodied Cognition and Pain

Program: Human Factors Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Harry Freeman



Jake Rosburg

Title: Evaluating Segmental Contribution to Center of Mass Movement in Sub-maximal Overhand Throwing

Program: Kinesiology/Sport Management

Advisor: Dr. Talin Louder



Alexis Eve Tuttle

Title: Feminist as Folk: Peggy Seeger's Twist on Tradition

Program: Music

Advisor: Dr. David Moskowitz



Tylon Vinh Anthony Vuong

Title: Framing Effects in Usability Testing

Program: Human Factors Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Doug Peterson



Patrick Waugh

Title: Perceived Program Liberalism As A Potential Deterrent To The Recruitment Of Rural Individuals Into Psychology Careers

Program: Clinical Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Randal Quevillon




Logan Edward Welker

Title: Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism: Associations with Sexual Assault Tactics, Rape Myth Acceptance and Alcohol Use

Program: Clinical Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Raluca Simons



Hannah Wollenzien

Title: Tracing Intertumoral Cellular Heterogeneity Using Genetic Barcoding in a Model of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Program: Basic Biomedical Sciences

Advisor: Dr. Michael Kareta



Jazmine DW Yaeger

Title: Orexin receptors in the basolateral amygdala modulate anxious and depressive phenotypes

Program: Biological Sciences

Advisor: Dr. Cliff H. Summers