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FY2021 Fall Award Winners

Niamba Kouadio
Title: Myoelectric Control: a Virtual Reality Application to the Therapy of Phantom Limb Pain (PLP)
Program: Human Factors Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Frank Schieber

Sydney Stamatovich
Title: Investigating the Role of Anhedonia and Impulsivity in Problem Drinking among College Students
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Raluca Simons

Yifeng Huo
Title: Mechanism Study of Molecular Adsorption on Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Program: Materials Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Chaoyang Jiang

Blake Warner
Title: A Grounded Theory Approach to Rural Care Provider Perspectives of Disability and Sexual Violence
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Jean Caraway

Emma Shaughnessy
Title: Risk Factors for Traumatic Bonding: Associations with PTSD
Program: Clinical/Disaster Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Raluca Simons

Madhavi Anuradha Ariyarathne Hewa Babarandhage
Title: Determine the master regulatory genes that activate the desiccation tolerance response in Selaginella lepidophylla
Program: Integrative Biology
Advisor: Dr. Bernie Wone

Jeremiah Davis
Title: Conceptions of Anxiety: A Kierkegaardian Analysis of the works of John Steinbeck and Flannery O’Connor
Program: English
Advisor: Dr. John Dudley

Nisitha Lakmal Wellala Wijewantha
Title: Site-specific delivery of anti-metastatic molecule, Veratridine: a novel targeted therapy for patients with colorectal cancer
Program: Materials Chemistry
Advisor: Prof. Grigoriy Sereda.

Shahaboddin Saeedi
Title: Antimicrobial surface modification of high-touch surfaces for disruption microbial activity and prevention of biofilm formation
Program: Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Ying Deng

Patrick Waugh
Title: Potential Risks of Controversial Advocacy for Rural Mental Health Professionals from a Patient Perspective
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Randal Quevillon

Priyanka Sreerama
Title: Automatic lung health screening using respiratory sounds
(Keywords: Machine Learning, AI, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Healthcare)
Program: Computer Science
Advisor: Prof. KC Santosh

Danielle Galvin
Title: Determining the influence of ranavirus infection on amphibian overwintering physiology and behavior
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Jake Kerby

Jennifer Kuo
Title: Trauma Experiences and Pain Anxiety as Risk Factors for Fear of Cancer Recurrence
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Christopher R. Berghoff

Megan McCray
Title: Myoelectric control: a virtual reality application to the therapy of Phantom Limb Pain (PLP)
Program: Human Factor Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Frank Schieber

Andrea Fencl
Title: Changing the Consent Scene: Connecting BDSM Consent Practices to Non-BDSM Dating on College Campuses
Program: Communication Studies
Advisor: Dr. Leah Seurer