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FY2021 Spring Award Winners

Jami Baker
Title: Impact of Invasive Mussels on the Diet of the Threatened Turtle Species (Graptemys Pseudogeographics)
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Jacob Kerby

Arjun Bhowmick
Title: Transition Metal Complexes for Selective Oxidation of Cumene to a-Cumyl Alcohol and a-Methyl Styrene
Program: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. James Hoefelmeyer

Mason Hatwan
Title: Psychological Maltreatment and Video Game Engagement
Program: Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Beth Boyd

Haley Hoffman
Title: Development of Thumb Typing Keyboard
Program: Human Factors Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Douglas Peterson

Chinenye Izuegbunam
Title: Optimizing a Biocompatible Nanoparticle Gene Delivery System in Plants
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Bernie Wone

Anna Kase
Title: Ecotoxicological Effects of a State Threatened Turtle Species Consuming an Invasive Bivalve
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Jake Kerby

Miranda Marron
Title: Site-specific delivery of anti-metastatic molecule, Veratridine: a novel targeted therapy for patients with colorectal cancer
Program: Materials Chemistry
Advisor: Prof. Grigoriy Sereda.

Miranda Marron
Title: Development of a heat Map Based Thumb Typing Keyboard
Program: Human Factors Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Douglas Peterson

Ciarra Martin
Title: AAC Device Use Influencing Perceived Credibility and Authenticity
Program: Communications
Advisor: Dr. Travis Loof

Amy Mondani
Title: Visual Comprehension Supports for Unsafe Noise Levels
(Keywords: Machine Learning, AI, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Healthcare)
Program: Audiology
Advisor: Dr. Lindsey Jorgensen

Melissa Ottenbacher
Title: A Basic Qualitative Inquiry on the Relationships and Experiences of K-3 Teachers: Their Values of, Uses of, & Feelings Towards the Use of Educational Research
Program: Education (Curriculum & Instruction)
Advisor: Dr. Sherrie Bosse

Nikole Schneider
Title: Kinematics and Neuromotor Control Patterns of a Novel Feeding Mechanism in Chameleons
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Anderson

Cazzie Steinzor
Title: Mediating Variables in The Relationship Between Childhood Maltreatment and Disordered Eating
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Sara Lowmaster

Surabhi Swaminath
Title: Interpersonal Relationships and Suicidal Ideation
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Raluca Simons

Alison Vogelsang
Title: A Narrative Study of the Lived Experience Transitioning From Residential Treatment as a Child: An Adult Perspective
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Jean Caraway

Grace Ward
Title: Arab Migration of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Lebanese and Hach Family Settlement of the Great Plains
Program: History
Advisor: Dr. Molly Rozum