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Spring Award Winners

Luke Baker
Title: A Network Approach to Disentangle Core Behavioral Processes of Psychological Flexibility
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Chris Berghoff

Levenae Buggs
Title: Evaluating Financial Distress, Cultural Fit, and Social Support as Predictors of Well-Being for First Generation College Students
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Randy Quevillon

Jeremiah Davis
Title: Historic Passions in the Hyborian Age: A Furetian Analysis of World Building in the Works of Robert E. Howard
Program: English Literary Studies
Advisor: Dr. Skip Willman

Ryan Dunbeck
Title: Linking past to present: Have Asian carp impacted the basal food web in the middle Missouri River?
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Wesner

Avery Franzen
Title: Differential Proteomic Expression in 5xFAD Mice Choroid Plexus
Program: Basic Biomedical Science
Advisor: Dr. Samuel Sathyanesan

Lucas Heitkamp
Title: The South Dakota Farmers Holiday Association: A Study of Agrarian Radicalism on the Great Plains
Program: History
Advisor: Dr. Molly Rozum

Christa Huber
Title: Endosome Characterization to Determine Their Role in Exosome Secretion
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Bernie Wone

Karissa Jensen
Title: The Role of Teachers’ Self-efficacy Beliefs in the Development of Teacher-student relationships
Program: School Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Hajovsky

Anna Kase
Title: Effects of Agricultural Contaminants on Turtle Foraging Behavior
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Jake Kerby

Layani Makwinja
Title: A Qualitative Study of Children’s Perceptions of their Subjective Well-Being in Botswana
Program: Counseling and Psychology in Education
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Newland

Naleeka Malwattage
Title: Determining the Multiple Abiotic Stress Response Functions of the Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi NF-YB Transcription Factor
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Bernie Wone

Cara McLaughlin
Title: Translating Por el sótano y el torno: an Exercise in Translation for Performance
Program: Interdisciplinary Studies
Advisor: Dr. Robert Turner III

Shahzahan Mia
Title: Quantitative Control in Single Atom Doping for Solotronic TiO2 Nanocrystals
Program: Materials Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. James Hoefelmeyer

Stephanie Nefas
Title: Bird Use of Early Successional Sandbar Vegetation: What do We Lose by Managing Sandbars for Plovers and Terns?
Program: Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Mark Dixon and Dr. David Swanson

Sudip Poudel
Title: CDMSlite LIPs Search Analysis
Program: Physic
Advisor: Dr. Joel Sander

Jonathan Purdy
Title: An Ansel Kerouacian Proposal
Program: Fine Arts
Advisor: Mr. Jontimothy Pizzuto

Maddey Sicora
Title: Impact of KCNMA1 Mutation on Hearing and Auditory Perception
Program: Audiology
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Messersmih

Danielle Tesar
Title: Evaluating Burrowing Behavior in the Devil Crayfish and its Importance for Conserving the Endangered Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly
Program: Biology
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Soluk

Chelsey Van Ness
Title: Parental Broad Autism Phenotype and Depressive Symptoms: Emotion Dysregulation as Mediator
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Jean Caraway

Hannah Wollenzien
Title: Tracing Intratumoral Cellular Heterogeneity in Small Cell lung Cancer Using Genetic Barcode Lineage Tracing
Program: Basic Biomedical Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Michael Kareta

Zishen Yang
Title: Molecularly Imprinted Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nanofibers for the Selective Adsorption of Pesticides
Program: Material Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Chaoyang Jiang