Greetings from the Graduate School!

Dean KoodaliI want to take the opportunity to welcome our new graduate students. It has indeed been a true honor and privilege to serve as the Dean of the Graduate School since May 2016 and serve all of you.

The Graduate School is grateful to the services of James W. Abbott, our past President. Mr. Abbott who has transformed the University of South Dakota during his twenty-one years of distinguished service. We are equally excited by our current President, Sheila Gestring and we look forward to working closely with her to accomplish our strategic goals and build upon the strong foundation set by Mr. Abbott.

The Graduate School is classified as a Support Center and we constantly strive to give our best to support the various constituents; graduate students, staff, and faculty. It has truly been a blessing to work closely with dedicated, conscientious, and hard-working staff in the Graduate School, Brittany Wagner, Director of Graduate Education and Edith Reza-Martinez along with talented Graduate Assistants, such as James Ahuna and others.

We are ably supported in our efforts by the Division of Continuing & Distance Education (CDE) led by Dean Michael Card, Brandice Durham, and her dedicated staff that include Ms. Stacey O’Connor, Julie Ellingson, Laura Jaster, Catherine Johnson, Nicole Jorgensen, Bianaca Krus, Patti Roberts-Pizzuto, Claire Rizzio, Wendy Thorson, Skylar Tiahrt, and Rhonda Weidner. In addition, we are ably supported by staff from International Office led by Director, Susan Hackemer, Patrick Morrison, Assistant Director, International Services, and Katie McPherson, Assistant Admissions Officer.

The University of South Dakota (USD) is a national leader and the largest provider of graduate education in SD. We will continue this rich tradition by making innovations in curricula, providing specializations in existing programs, and offering new certificate and graduate programs that are driven by market forces, work-force demands, and advances in disciplines. Interdisciplinary programs that bridge different disciplines will be a focus of our attention as such programs connect, integrate, and synthesize knowledge between different areas and provide new insights, paradigms, and perspectives and prepare students better in emerging disciplines.

Emphasis is also being placed on student success and professional development of graduate students. We have partnered with several units on campus to provide you with exceptional experiences to hone your transferable skills and help you realize your career goals.

We are fully committed to the practice of Inclusive Excellence and we value each of you, as you bring new perspectives, ideas, thoughts, talents, gifts, and values that enrich our lives and provide a positive and lasting impact to all of us.

Our operations are guided by the vision of our previous President James W. Abbott, "To be the best small, public flagship university in the nation built upon a liberal arts foundation".

In closing, I am deeply thankful to all of you for choosing USD for your graduate education and wish you success.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at

Dr. Ranjit T. Koodali, FRSC
Dean of the Graduate School