Greetings from the Graduate School!

Dean KoodaliI am deeply honored and privileged to serve as the Dean of the Graduate School, a position that I assumed in May of 2016.

As a flagship public Institution in South Dakota (SD), USD is the largest provider of Graduate Programs. We hope to be a regional leader and continue the rich traditions, by making innovations in curricula, providing specializations in existing programs, and offering new certificate and graduate programs (Professional and Doctoral) that are driven by market forces, work-force demands, and advances in individual disciplines. Interdisciplinary programs that bridge different disciplines will also be a focus of our attention as such programs connect, integrate and synthesize knowledge and thinking between different areas to provide new insights, paradigms, and perspectives.

Graduate education builds upon your foundational knowledge and skills and will open new doors in your future. As a graduate student, you will be challenged intellectually and will be pushed to expand your horizons academically and professionally. A landmark 2010 report, The Path Forward: The Future of Graduate Education in the United States, prepared by the Council of Graduate Schools, indicates that there is a strong correlation between graduate education and American prosperity and asserts that competitiveness of a nation fundamentally depends on the strength and quality of graduate education.

We place equal emphasis on professional development opportunities for our graduate and professional students. We work closely and partner with several units on campus to provide you with exceptional experiences to help you realize your career goals and dreams.

Our graduate students are recognized for their research, creative scholarship, and make original and substantial contributions and advance knowledge in their disciplines. Our graduates drive our global future by engaging in creative and scholarly activities, developing new technologies, advancing discoveries, broadening knowledge, fostering entrepreneurship, protecting and sustaining our natural environment, finding cures for diseases and infections, creating effective student learners, and identifying and solving societal problems.

I am thankful to all of you for choosing USD for your graduate education and wish you success.

Please feel free to reach me at any time and share your success stories with us.

Ranjit T. Koodali, Ph.D.
Dean of the Graduate School