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The Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment at USD provides statewide services and resources to eliminate child sexual abuse and child maltreatment in South Dakota.

Our organizational goals are based on the results from the Jolene's Law Task Force and Coalition, a legislative task force charged with studying the prevalence and impact of child sexual abuse in the state. We use evidence-based practice and data metrics in our planning and development, including consultation from state experts in:

  • Child welfare
  • Health
  • Social welfare
  • Law enforcement
  • Education
  • American Indian communities

Center Goals

Our six primary goals include:

  1. Creating a single-point data agency to collect information for providers and monitor instances of child maltreatment in South Dakota
  2. Helping all South Dakota communities respond to people impacted by child maltreatment
  3. Providing training resources for mandatory reporters in South Dakota and developing curriculum within colleges and universities
  4. Helping victims, their families and professionals navigate the criminal justice system in South Dakota
  5. Supporting public awareness campaigns that focus on ending child maltreatment in South Dakota
  6. Developing strong working relationships between local, tribal, state and national agencies