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Applicants selected into the incoming fall class will have a short period of time after receiving notification of selection to accept the seat in the class. To ensure your seat in the class there are several requirements and policies. If there are questions regarding these policies, please contact the Department of Dental Hygiene. Failure to meet these terms could jeopardize your seat in the class.

  • The seat is contingent upon the completion of all prerequisite classes with a grade of C or better with proof by June 1
  • There is a required $250 non-refundable tuition deposit before June 1
  • There is a required department immunization protocol. Information regarding necessary immunizations and tests will be given at an orientation session. Compliance and documentation deadlines must be followed or the seat in the class will be forfeited

    USD Health Affairs Infection Control Policies and Procedures Manual, OSAP/DQP Best Practices for Infection Control in Dental Clinics During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and CDC’s information on dental health-care settings

  • Students must maintain current CPR certification for health care providers
  • Criminal background checks are required as part of conditional admission to all health professions programs
    • Background checks will be performed only after the applicant has received notice of conditional admission
    • Understand that failure to disclose any previous convictions or charges pending at any point during the application process may lead to denial or revocation of admission
    • Felony convictions will result in denial of acceptance to the program and/or eligibility of licensure. Misdemeanor convictions may result in denial of acceptance to the program
    • Drug screening checks may be required for licensure and/or clinical placement while a student in the program
    • Additional background checks may be required for programmatic clinical experience
  • Accepted students must purchase instruments, uniforms and supplies for their dental hygiene education
    • Specific instruments, uniforms and supplies are ordered by the department at a discount for the students. It is in the students' best interest to purchase these through the department. If there are questions please contact the department
    • The amount for these instruments, uniforms and supplies will be added to the tuition bill and will be payable during tuition and fee collection, which is generally held the first week of classes or can be paid by phone, mail or SDePay when tuition bill is received through a USD email account
  • Professional liability insurance is contracted by the department at a reduced rate for the students. Please contact the department with any questions
  • As a student in the Department of Dental Hygiene, you will be expected to follow all university and department policies and procedures and meet all university requirements as stated in various documents directed toward students
  • Students will also be expected to satisfactorily complete all academic and clinical requirements of the program to include attendance at all off-campus clinical rotations; U.S. citizenship is required in order to provide care in some clinical settings
  • Students will be expected to practice certain skills on each other within the program; students will assume all risk associated with these activities
  • The department's clinical experiences are held at various locations to include clinics on campus and in Sioux Falls, as well as in the state's penitentiaries and developmental center, Indian Health Services/tribal hospitals and schools and private dental offices
  • While transportation may be provided for students to some rotations, students are responsible for transportation to other areas
  • It will also be important to recognize that weather may be an issue during winter months and it will be necessary to keep in constant contact with instructors regarding travel to clinics. It is necessary to be flexible should relocation to a different clinic on short notice be required and students should be prepared to stay overnight if travel to or from a site in not advised
  • While the department has patients for whom we routinely provide care, it is an expectation that students will provide their own patients should the department not be able to fill schedules with recall patients
  • Students will be required to posses comprehensive medical insurance coverage. Proof of coverage that is comparable to what the department requires will need to be provided
  • Students will be required to pay for all testing and follow-up procedures associated with an occupational exposure incident. However, the department will continue to cover the costs of source patient testing. More information on this will be given during advising and orientation sessions
  • All other department policies and procedures are outlined in the Department of Dental Hygiene policies and procedures manual