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We set the standard for dental hygiene in South Dakota. Our graduates are dedicated to lifelong learning and improving the health of the communities they serve.

We admit 32 students each year who meet our academic standards. We not only stay on top of the latest teaching techniques, but we keep current on the latest clinical practices as well.

Our students are well-prepared, with an above-average national certification exam pass rate - 100 percent since 2005. They enjoy a low faculty-to-student ratio and get to experience clinical training opportunities in the real world.

We offer services at several clinical sites throughout the state. This helps our community as well as our students by providing clinical experience. These include:

  • Main clinical site on the Vermillion campus
  • Clinic in Siouxland Health and Human Services Building in Sioux Falls
  • Correctional facilities in Yankton, Springfield and Sioux Falls
  • South Dakota Developmental Center
  • IHS/Tribal dental clinics
  • Area care centers
  • Area senior centers
  • Area schools

Our students get experience outside the classroom for professional development and clinical experience, including:

  • Providing public dental health services
  • Providing oral cancer screenings
  • Giving oral health presentations
  • Completing a three-week dental office internship