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Shelly and John Aesoph Scholarship

This scholarship is given to dental hygiene majors.

Dental Hygiene Scholarship

This annual scholarship supports students enrolled in the dental hygiene program at USD.

James J. Herman Memorial Scholarship

Undergraduate students who are studying pre-dentistry at USD are eligible for this scholarship. Preference is given to residents of Brown County.

Dr. Darrell R. and Gretchen Ludeman Scholarship

Scholarships are given to junior-level students enrolled in the Department of Dental Hygiene. Candidates should demonstrate a desire to learn, not just perform. Recipients must be an active member of the USD Chapter of the Student American Dental Hygienists' Association and participate in community service.

Lonna Wallway Jones Dental Hygiene Scholarship

This award is to provide for the purchase of equipment for the dental hygiene students in association with their studies. Of particular interest to the donor is the purchase of loops for students.

Southeast South Dakota District Dental Society Scholarship

USD Dental Hygiene Public Health Scholarship

Scott and Julia Jones Leadership Scholarship

Kevin Burr and Leslie Sanders Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Lulu B. Wheeler Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students in the healing arts.

Dorothy Francis Yeoman Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to non-traditional students in the Department of Dental Hygiene, particularly those who are or have been employed as dental assistants and desire to upgrade their education and training to become dental hygienists.

Freshman Scholarships

For freshman scholarships, see Financial Aid.

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