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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, service learning has been temporarily suspended from the health sciences coursework.

Service learning stretches far beyond community service. At USD, our students are given the chance to engage in meaningful service that enhances their classroom experience. Our service learning opportunities are fully integrated into the curriculum and vary based on course topic. From serving in multicultural facilities to local food pantries to nursing homes, our students take a hands-on approach to connecting knowledge learned in the classroom and applying it to organizations that create positive change in the world.

Recent service learning opportunities include:

  • Serving at a food pantry or soup kitchen
  • Volunteering at a ranch for children with disabilities
  • Assisting with Special Olympics
  • Working at a long-term care facility

Understanding Cultures through Service Learning

My service learning experience allowed me to apply the knowledge I learned on cultural competency, health disparity, cultural humility and health literacy to help me better understand the diverse cultures in South Dakota. It was the best service learning experience I have ever had. Tessa Raml