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Program-to-program articulation agreements are formal agreements between USD and specialized technical programs to transfer block credits in toward the Bachelor of Science in health sciences. Students who are currently enrolled or are graduates of the following schools and mentioned programs may benefit from these articulation agreements:

Articulation/Transfer Agreement

You can complete your degree through articulation two ways:

  • Forward Articulation - Successfully complete the technical program first and transfer block technical credits to USD to finish the B.S. in health sciences
  • Reverse Articulation - Start at USD in health sciences and transfer to the technical program of your choosing. Once the technical health program is completed, you can transfer a block of technical credits back to USD and graduate the same semester from both institutions.

For more information on Health Sciences articulation agreements, email or contact the major advisors:

You can request a transfer of block credits from any completed technical health program to USD through the Office of the Registrar. The number of transferable credits vary from institutions and individual programs.