Collaborative Education

Learn to become an interprofessional team in real-world settings.

The Interprofessional Health Education Center (IHEC) facilitates collaborative learning among students within USD's School of Health Sciences and Sanford School of Medicine.

Interprofessional education provides opportunities for students studying different health care professions to learn from and with each other. It trains future healthcare professionals to work together as a team and makes them aware of each others' roles and responsibilities.


  • Provide opportunities for student research
  • Offer workshops, seminars, mentorship and training in interprofessional education
  • Prepare students in all health care-related majors to work as a team in real-world settings

As the only South Dakota university with schools of health sciences and medicine, we are uniquely able to provide students with opportunities to experience working in a health care team, a skill that is necessary in the modern health care field.

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