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Lacey Lane, 2012

I was nominated Student Leader of the Year in 2012 for the School of Health Sciences at USD. This year I was awarded New Professional of the Year from the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science of South Dakota. I am currently a laboratory coordinator at Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, SD. My experience with USD's MLS program was nothing short of phenomenal and fulfilling. I transferred to USD as a junior specifically for MLS program. The program was difficult; however, my advisor Kay Rasmussen was there every step of the way to do whatever she could to ensure USD was delivering the best MLS students. I gained phlebotomy experience, visited laboratories, assisted with health fairs by performing point of care testing, participated in interdisciplinary workshops with other students of the school of health sciences, and I also participated in disaster training among many other things to prepare for my career in MLS. USD tailored some of the 300 level science courses specifically for MLS students, such as the biochemistry and microbiology required classes. I completed my internship at Sanford USD medical center in 2012 and was 1 of 8 students accepted into the internship program out of thirty plus applicants. The staff of Sanford's laboratory is always especially impressed with the USD students that come through the internship because they have substantially more lab experience and knowledge than other interns in the program. I am forever grateful for my education from USD and will continue supporting the program throughout my career.

Sandra Lashley, MT (ASCP), 1973

I graduated from USD in 1973 with a B.S. in Medical Technology. I did 3.5 years undergraduate and then did a one year internship in Denver. I have often wanted to relay my gratitude for the wonderful education and start I received from USD. Everything I studied and learned as a college student prepared me for this career. It took 4.5 years to become well prepared. I have worked in the field for 40 years. I have always enjoyed this field and feel thankful for all the wonderful experiences and personal growth that have come with it. I have worked in different sizes of hospitals, clinics, a veterinary research lab, and a reference lab. Each situation required use of different skills. The variety has been amazing and rewarding.