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Guatemala Nursing

Students have a second opportunity to learn about Guatemala through the NursingHeart program. The week-long trip gives students the opportunity to:

  • Install outdoor stoves
  • Perform health screenings for children in kindergarten through eighth grade in a rural village
  • Participate in a foot care clinic near Antiqua
  • Shadow Guatemalan nurses at a clinic on Lake Atitlan

Learn more about this unique cultural experience by contacting

Watch the video from the 2018 experience.

Interprofessional Experience in Guatemala

Nursing students have the opportunity to travel to Guatemala to provide health care services to people withInterprofessional education in Guatemala disabilities. Working together with students from the physical therapy, physician assistant and occupational therapy programs, students will:

  • Perform health screens and general health exams
  • Triage patient care needs
  • Provide acute care clinic services
  • Conduct functional and developmental assessments
  • Perform neuro-musculoskeletal exams
  • Provide relevant patient and family education
  • Complete home visits

Students will experience and learn about the culture in Guatemala while gaining a unique perspective on providing health care services. If interested, contact

Head Start

Our nursing students assist the Head Start children's program by training its staff and families. Students also observe the classrooms and help out throughout the year.