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How many people apply to your program and how many are accepted each year?
We average 150 applications for admission each year. We accept a maximum of 32 students to begin coursework each fall.

What if my OTCAS application is not verified by the deadline?
Applications will be considered if the OTCAS application, USD Graduation School application fee, and GRE scores have been submitted by the deadline. OTCAS must verify your application before it can be fully reviewed by the admissions committee.

Do you have a spring admissions cycle?
Applicants are only accepted to begin coursework each fall (July).

I don't quite meet the Scholar application requirements, can I still apply before my senior year as an undergraduate?
Scholar applications received that do not meet the minimum scholar requirements will be denied. If you wish to be considered for the general admission cycle, you would be required to reapply following completion of your junior year of undergraduate studies.

What GRE tests are required?
All three sections of the GRE general test are required. No subject tests are required.

Is there a minimum GRE score required?
Scholar applicants must meet the following GRE minimum scores:

  • Verbal: 40th percentile
  • Quantitative: 45th percentile
  • Analytical Writing: 4.0

General admission applicants have no minimum required scores but the above scores are recommended.

Where do I submit my GRE scores?
Report unofficial GRE scores on your OTCAS application. Official GRE reports must be submitted to OTCAS using the code 1216.

Can I take some of the prerequisites during the first semester of the occupational therapy program?
All prerequisite coursework must be completed by June 1 before the program begins in July.

How do I know if my classes meet the prerequisite requirements?
If you have questions after reviewing the prerequisite page on this website, you can send a course catalog description or syllabus to for review.

What is the minimum grade for prerequisite courses?
A grade of C is the minimum requirement for general admissions applicants. A grade of B- is the minimum requirement for scholar applicants. Pass courses will be only accepted to meet prerequisite requirement for medical terminology or from spring/summer 2020 (COVID update).

How recently should I have completed the prerequisite coursework?
All prerequisite courses must have been completed within 10 years of program start date.

What transcripts are required for application?
Submit transcripts from all institutions you have attended prior to application. Official transcripts should be submitted directly to OTCAS.

Are transcripts required if the courses appear on another transcript?
Yes, transcripts must be submitted from every institution attended.