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Field practicum is a critical component, recognized by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), for integrating knowledge from the classroom with hands-on experience in the practice setting. The Department of Social Work collaborates with an array of professional agencies. Collaboration with placement agencies and field instructors provide the student a quality enhanced field experience. Additionally, CSWE requires students to complete a field education experience that allows students to learn and demonstrate core competencies. These guidelines ensure that, regardless of where students are earning their degree, they receive a consistent quality experience in their social work training.

Students are placed under the supervision of a CSWE accredited social worker with qualifications in accordance to guidelines set forth by the Department of Social Work. The field supervisor has a minimum of two years of post-graduate experience in social work and holds a degree equal to, or above the student’s educational level. The instructor is responsible for providing a minimum of one hour per week of direct, educational focused supervision to support integration of classroom learning.

Participation in field seminar is an integral part of field education. Students at the M.S.W. level are required to enroll in a seminar course and expected to play an active role in the planning and implementation of learning experiences to model integration of academic and practicum learning while enabling development of their professional skills.


Name Department & Office Contact
Tallie Cassanova
  • Instructor/BSSW Prog Dir
Julian Hall 215
Megan GrodeWolters
  • Instructor/MSW Field Coord
HSC 366