The primary purpose of field internship is to enable students to develop competence within the framework of social work values, skills and ethics. The curriculum provides focused goals and objectives to guide development of the practicum experience in each setting. The program expects students to master two sets of measurable practice behaviors through competencies. 1.) Foundation 2.) Advanced

Both undergraduate and graduate students are placed under the instruction of an experienced, trained and licensed social worker. We attempt to place students in field education agencies close to their residence. Our client-agency relationships provide us placements in a variety of settings across the United States and internationally.

Field education begins fall semester and continues through spring semester. BSW students need a minimum of 420 hours per semester and MSW students need a minimum of 250 hours per semester. In addition, one hour weekly meetings with designated field supervisor is required. Students are expected to work 16 hours per week. Most service agencies operate Monday-Friday during daytime hours. Indicated hours will be dictated by agency needs.


Name Department & Office Contact
Deb Aden
  • Social Work Field Director/Instructor
Health Science Center - Sioux Falls