Application Process

The MSW program annual application cycle begins on September 1. You may start creating an account and begin submitting materials online to SocialWorkCAS. Applicants must submit application and payment by December 1 to be considered for admission.

SocialWorkCAS is an online portal six-step process that allows applicants to use one set of materials to apply to multiple programs. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete and submit all supporting documentation in a timely manner. After the required materials have been received, the application is verified to ensure coursework entered by applicant matches official transcript. The verification process may take up to four weeks to complete.

Step 1 - Submit to USD

  • Graduate School Application (no transcripts, test scores, reference letters, papers or personal statements are required for application
  • Application fee is $35

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Step Two - Submit to SocialWorkCAS

  • Online Application (allow four to six weeks to complete and submit materials)
  • Statement of purpose or goal statement (i.e. life experience connected to career, attributes, strengths, devoting time to graduate school, career goals)
  • Cover letter and resume
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from a combination of academic and professional references
  • APA style 3-5 page paper wiht a minimum of five (5) references focusing on social justice issues of interest (i.e. homelessness, immigration, foster care, drug/alcohol addictions, human trafficking)

After creating an account and designating program of interest, applicants request transcripts for each school attended. A transcript matching form will be sent to the college registrar for request of official transcript with instructions to send directly to SocialWorkCAS Transcript Processing Center. Transcripts sent to Graduate School or MSW office are not accepted.

Stay Connected

During the admission cycle, the MSW program assistant will contact applicants by phone or email to communicate various information. Please ensure the correct contact information is available for Graduate School and SocialWorkCAS.

Step 3 - Application Review

Completed applications submitted by December 1 are considered for review. The MSW program assistant and director will begin reviewing all materials submitted and verifying pre-requisites during the month of December to prepare faculty review assignments.

MSW faculty review process begins January. Once the faculty reviews are complete, the Admissions Committee will review and determine applicant decisions. Program assistant coordinates with the Graduate School to deliver formal letters to applicants in early February.